Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
Issue: 59   Editor: Air

Editors note Air

WELCOME to issue number 59 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

I hope you have all had a wonderful two weeks here on Bootleggers and where ever your life is currently taking you! It's been two weeks since a past issue and I apologize for that! I've been a bit preoccupied with a vacation. Vacationing is for relaxing and although I did have access to the internet, I tried to cut down on it's usage to as little as possible to get the most out of my time there. Understandable by those understanding players, I'm sure, but an apology is still in order.

I hoped to have a huge article this week (and even promised such), but alas, all I have is a normal-sized issue and hope next week the Buzz can be back in it's full glory.

"The Buzz is only as great as the players let it be," is probably the best quote that can sum up the current, past and future status and successfulness of the Buzz. Without the players, their use of guns and bullets, the Buzz would be empty. So if you want a great Buzz next week, it's time to put your plans to action and shoot, shoot, shoot. I joke with my staff rather often telling them I'll have them killed each week just for the sake of an article (okay so my joke isn't too funny for them, but I laughed?). So, if you're underground and reading this, above ground and know someone who is underground and ready to shoot, let them know that we are all asking for it! Go ahead! We're ready for you! Make my da-- err, week!

Anyway, onto more serious things. This week we have very few articles, but quality over quantity, I say! We also have some great freelance articles that I published and hope you all read those too. I enjoyed reading them, found them entertaining as well as well-written and they deserve the same attention that the rest of the articles in the Buzz do.

In these two weeks, we've seen some minor features added to the game, such as the ability to see online crew members via the crew page and the use of the News Bulletin in the News page via Sabin.

But this week we are reporting on new features such as the Return of the Safehouse and the ability to reset your OC timer. Both features have been requested countless number of times in the Game Forum and I can only imagine how many times in the "Featured Suggestion" category in the Help Desk. Thanks to you and your suggestions, we have new additions to the game!

Also in this issue is our weekly article, The Behind the Name. This weekly article has been a popular one ever since it started. I love being able to take a normal player, and placing them on a Buzz pedestal, per say, for a week. As for the "Buzz Sound Off," that will begin again next week.

We are continually looking for writers. If you wish to be a buzz writer and think you have the experience and skills necessary (minding your spelling, grammar, punctuation and choice of article), please send your article sample to me through our email address, (please remember to include your current BL name). Please be patient as they are looked over once every two weeks. Also, read the "Ticket to the Buzz Forum" article in issue 25 for a crash course on how to be the best writer you can possibly be!

I will be getting to the current applications by tonight, so if you do not get a reply by Monday night, please feel free to re-submit your applications.

As always, enjoy the issue and happy gaming!

Relentless Take Over HolyMoly

There has been much activity on the statistics page this last fortnight with old crews leaving and new ones appearing.

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The Return of Safehouses MikaVerLeth

Establishment gets an update and we see the return of Safe Houses. An old feature introduced yet again.

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The Blame Game CharlesLuciano

Fingers are pointed and blames are made when it comes to some "bugs" found in the game.

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The OC Timer Reset! LadySylv

Points are more golden now that they can be used to reset your organized crime timer.

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Lowryder Killings HolyMoly

Two weeks ago the Bootleggers Buzz reported on the killings of all current Legendary Dons. This week, it was time for the Respectable Dons to join them!

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Behind the Name Nyxxinator

A new week and three new victims! Mwahaha!

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Freelance Articles Nyxxinator

The Story of a Shooter Razure

Razure uses the Buzz to publicly state his own personal option about the current state of the game and his opinions on fixing it!

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State Of Bootleggers Address Obama

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an State of Bootleggers Address.

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We Resist, therefore we Exist. SabueinResists

The story of The Resistance.

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