Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
Issue: 59   Editor: Air

The Blame Game CharlesLuciano

Some trend has been on the rise recently. Soar gamblers blaming the odds in the game's script for losses that is. Is it true?

Everyone saw the Game Forum filled with topics like, "glitch in Black Jack" or other casinos. Many players agreed on that and confirmed it, butÂ…

Sabin thinks all these claims are unreal and he knows that "the chances of winning have not been edited." This statement refutes the claims that there is a bug, glitch or an edit for the casinos.

If you lose too much on the Casino, get a hint, "it's not your lucky day." No need for you to start a Game Forum topic stating the casino has a bug. Just create a topic in the Off Topic Forum saying how unlucky you think you were.