Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
Issue: 59   Editor: Air

The Story of a Shooter Razure

Since when did shooting someone became so hard?

Lately we see far less shootings, for which is a simple reason, bullet prices have gone up a lot. Prices in BF of Sabin are still at $100.
With the best of luck you will be able to buy 300 bullets an hour there. When you go to crew owner BF's you need to have a lot of money, since the prices are between 900-1000$ a bullet. So 100 bullets cost you a proximally 100k. Let say you need around 30k bullets for a normal kill. So killing someone with bullets from those nullet factories will cost you around 30,000,000.

That is a real big investment.

However, you are able to buy them at Sabin's bullet factories.
When you get 300 bullets an hour that means you need to make 100 bullet releases. To reach the 30k bullets that is 100 hour, let say you are able to buy 5 times in a day. Then it cost 20 days being active to just make one kill.

Taking over a crew by any other crew becomes real hard that way.
You want to wipe a crew you need to make around 50 kills (random picked). That means you need 1.5mil bullets, which means that it will cost you like 100 active days to buy them at Sabin's Bullet Factories.

Again you could buy them at any crew owned Bullet Factories.
However then we are talking about 1.5 billion with only around 60 billion in the game. The chances of someone spending that aren't high.

Most crews use their BFs to supply underground shooters for their own protection. It seems smart as it almost cost them nothing and their return is guaranteed. Secondly people who want to shoot aren’t able to.

It looks like the State Dons and Nation Dons who are crew-less will be the only one able to make crew wipes.

In my opinion it is time for a 3rd state owned BF. To make sure people are able to buy more bullets in a shorter time. This could be realized by making a tenth state or admins could buy a current BF and make it State owned. In my opinion the last one is the best idea.

Lets hope that some fun can return, if it isn't brought to us by State or Nation Dons.