Sunday, July 17th, 2011
Issue: 76   Editor: Aldarion

What happened to BL? – FAQ Aldarion

Below is a little FAQ to what happened to Bootleggers and why it happened. This should be a future reference and should avoid a billion topics coming up every single day.

what r be happen to bl cuz dead i r not log in 4 years lol wtf 1000 users be ???
Please use proper English when asking questions, thank you

Was there a reset?
No, there was not. Bootleggers is still in the sixth round as started at the end of 2009.

Why are there so few players around?
That is up to your interpretation. We will just stick to the facts. About half a year into the round the total number of players had been halved by about 50%. These players left for various reasons. A few months later, The Family, The Triad, Komodo and Event Horizon did one of the biggest sprees Bootleggers had ever seen killing a total of 1200 people. Since then, a lot of people quit the game. Eventually, Event Horizon ended up in a war with The Family and The Triad. These last two crews continued to dominate and kept shooting players reaching the rank of assassin. Very few people have been able to do something in return.

Why is no-one buying casinos?
The average money per player does not allow people to buy casinos very easily.

Does BSF2000 still care?
Unlike popular believe, yes he does.

Will the game be reset?
Inevitable, yes. Recently, some people stated that this game would never reset again. That is not true. The game will reset sooner or later.

Why isn’t BSF2000 resetting the game right now?
As some people pointed out, a reset itself won’t do anything. The ingredients for this round seemed to create a wrong end product. Therefore, the ingredients will need to be altered. Some will have to be removed, some will have to be added. It is pointless to reset a game which does not have the right ingredients. A result of this is that it will take time before the game is reset.

What can you tell about the current progress?
BSF2000 is currently working on several upgrades. This includes major features as well as tiny fixes. Several things of this will be discussed with all Elite Guard members (with the exception of Testaccount and Testaccount2 – no offense) during the next week.