Sunday, July 17th, 2011
Issue: 76   Editor: Aldarion

Editors note Aldarion

Hello and welcome to issue number 76 of the Bootleggers Buzz. It's been a while since the Buzz released an issue and you wonder why. And even if you don't, I'll still tell you, lol. The Buzz only had a few writers left when the last few issues where released. Some issues ended up to be just one article from a writer and the rest of it was mine. Unfortunately, I did not have time to do all that. Now, though, we're back.

The release of this issue won't mean another era for the Buzz, as we don't plan on bringing you the Buzz on a weekly basis. However, it should return every now and then. The best thing would be to get the Buzz back on its feet completely, but I'm not sure we've got all necessary resources, in terms of writers, to accomplish that. It is likely that the Buzz will appoint a new editor somewhere in the future.

So, what have we got for this issue? Some very old freelance articles, a very old article by KingSpaff and some newer articles concerning sprees and the promotion of an idiot to moderator. We've also got a few contests giving you the opportunity to win over $7,500,000! How cool is that!? Next to that, we've also got an FAQ on the current status of Bootleggers. Now we all have something to post when another users gets out of his cave!

I hope you enjoy the return of the Buzz as well as this issue!

Three Crews Wiped MissVanish

The past few weeks, there were not so many crews on the stats-page. If there were six crews at the same time, that would be a lot. That’s why it was a total surprise when last week three of those crews got wiped by only two killers.

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What happened to BL? – FAQ Aldarion

Below is a little FAQ to what happened to Bootleggers and why it happened. This should be a future reference and should avoid a billion topics coming up every single day.

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BootLove Spaffinator

Many wonderful years have past since 2003, There are a lot of memory's to reminisces about.

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Bootleggers Buzzle! Aldarion

Another contest which allows you to win some money!

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The Buzz Team Aldarionized

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Green Aldarion MissVanish

It takes a lot of discipline and responsibility to reach a job like Help Desk Operator. But to be given the opportunity to function as a Moderator, that’s a whole other level of responsibility. This sounds scary, but it didn’t stop Aldarion from accepting the chance that was given to him.

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Issue 75 vs Issue 76 Aldarion

It's been a while since an issue of the Bootleggers Buzz was released. So, what changed since issue 76? The picture in this article shows all statistics at the time of issue 75 compared to the current statistics.

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Bootagram! LethargicOcelot

Get your thinking caps on and see if you can't unscramble these Bootleggers related words and phrases!

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Obituaries Aldarion

Obituaries since July, first.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Aldarion

Statistics of the past week on Bootleggers

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Freelance Articles Aldarionized

A High school tale: By Bilbo Soprano. TonySoprano89

When I was in high school I spent a lot of time imitating bad writers. What we studied in English classes was mostly fiction, so I assumed that was the highest form of writing. Mistake number one.

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Just a warning Fantastical

Its going to look just like any other day. It will feel as if nothing has changed.

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