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Editors note TrevorPhilips

Welcome to another issue of The Bootleggers Buzz, which despite the Summer holidays beginning and a couple of writer absences, is packed full of good stuff for you to enjoy once again!

This week we will be analysing the current trend of Crewless, higher ranked deaths, profiling our current State and Nation Dons and continuing our look at the current crews of Bootleggers. We also have blflag's continuing feature on life as a new player, and our newest contest launched by the very talented FrankCostello, with a ten million dollar prize fund!

Thank you, as always, for reading. We hope you enjoy this week's release!

ANALYSIS & OPINION: The Death of the Independent TrevorPhilips

It appears to becoming increasingly unsafe to be of a relatively high rank and not part of a crew. The Buzz anonymously interviewed two players who were killed recently while being crewless, as well as an administrator on what this means for the game in general. I also offer my take on the game’s direction, and broach the possibility of a ‘Users Online’ update with an administrator.

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The Magnificent 7, for now. iSpicyD

Everyone knew it was a race to fill the top seven ranks in Bootleggers, but I don’t think anyone thought I would happen the way it did. After just over two months of the new round, all 7 positions are filled but the twist is they all came from the same Family.

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OPINION: Goldrush OCing TrevorPhilips

Thank you to everyone who have their opinion on last week's article regarding 'Goldrush' OCing. Ragabonz is away this week, so the commenter dice game for 150 Gold will be concluded, and a winner selected, in next week's issue.

Interviews with crews: This Ain't Farmville iSpicyD

The second article of this weekly feature. I sit down with SenatorQ, an up state poultry farmer and the current boss of This Ain’t Farmville.

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From One Day New, To One Week Old On BL - Bootleggers Insided? blflag

As You Might Recall..

I still remember last week, BL was a new rpg-game for me to try. [blflag, was a new player here on BL. But after 9 days on this game, I'm tempted to say I am now 9 days old. Surely not old enough to be a rockstar BL player, but definitely a good start. And most importantly, I have done my best to have a quick feel of the game in such few days. So how is my feel on the game now when compared to the first three days. Is it as easy as it seems for a new player stick to BL?

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Behind the name Refutwo

A new week and three new victims!

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Bullets & Alcohol: The Party Game FrankCostelloV2

The Trust invites Buzz readers to a much awaited contest.

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Comic of the Week Refutwo

With crew wars and killing sprees being a regular occurrence, take a glimpse at a normal day in the life of one of our roving reporters!

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