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Editors note Mika

Hello everyone!

It has been some time ago, but the Buzz has received a freelance article today, which was published as soon as possible. BaronChris has expressed interest in writing for the Buzz on a more frequent basis, so all feedback that you can give him would be appreciated. If you have anything you want to share with the community, be it a column, an opinionated piece or a fact-based article, then feel free to submit it via the Buzz page as a freelance article.

Even though the Buzz is no longer published on a regular basis, it is the input from the players that can keep the link yellow. Whether you are into writing or not, you can always give it a shot. What matters is that you are writing for what you believe in and that you have fun doing it. Any game related article that is submitted is very likely to be published.

Enjoy the (for now) short read!

Mass killings make for a weekend to remember BaronChris

LAST weekend saw a spate of shootings across the country as Axteze allied crew, The State, were targeted by a number of shooters.

Read the entire article...Wednesday 12PM

State massacre masterminds speak out BaronChris

THE KILLERS of up to 30 people in the recent State shootings have come forward to claim responsibility.

Read the entire article...Friday 6AM

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