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Editors note TrevorPhilips

Welcome once again to another new Edition of the Bootleggers Buzz! It has certainly been a turbulent week on Bootleggers, with Families taking a dirt nap, promotions to both our Help Desk and the Elite Guard and updates made to the Assignments feature of the game. To top all this off, we also saw an Independance Day celebration here on Bootleggers to add some welcome fireworks to a fiery July week!

This week marks the debut of a couple of our new writers, with new feature articles now in the works for your enjoyment. We have a couple of writers away this week (and I myself am writing this week's note on a phone while at a conference) so an extra thank you to our team members who have put the work in this week, and to you for bearing with us.

Finally, we have our first reader cash contest on this week, which should tide us over until our Buzz Launch contest is ready to go!

As always, thank you for reading.

Final Redemption, the second official Family, WIPED. SpicyD

I was enjoying my time in a new crew called The Innocents oblivious to what was really going right under my nose. I then found myself literally in the middle of yet another shooting of the Alliance War, not knowing what was going on and who was doing it. All I knew was, something wasn't quite right with TI and its boss 14k...

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DISCUSSION: The 'Bosses Barrier' TrevorPhilips

It's a discussion as old as the profession itself, but just how easy is it for an up-and-coming mobster to climb the ranks? TrevorPhilips goes directly to the people in 'The Business' to find out.

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NEW FEATURE: Interviews with crews SpicyD

Will the statistics page full of gangs, crews and families we look into who these organisations really are. Starting this week with an introduction too the topic. We will then be finding out what do they stand for. Who are they run by. Where are they heading. What brought them about. What is their history. A new weekly article that delves into the mind of each crew's boss.

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Ongoing efforts to combat Organized Crime were bolstered this week, with the appointment of two new taskforce members.

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This Thing Of Ours: Vengeance (Part III) FrankCostello

Things heat up in our third installment of This Thing Of Ours, Our tell-all account of life in the mafia from a current, prominent mobster.

Pour a drink, take a seat and make your way into our nation's criminal underbelly.

Names and identities have been changed to protect those involved.

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CAPTCHA system GreazythumbGuzik

A look into what happened to the CAPTCHA systems and the importance to the game!

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A semi-regular feature for our loyal readers. Answer the questions to be in with a chance of winning a briefcase full of cash!

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This contest is currently on hold while we await developer input. Further details will be released as soon as everything is ready. Please check out our other contest in the meantime!

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