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Editors note TrevorPhilips

Welcome to another edition of The Bootleggers Buzz! We have had yet another action packed week with plenty to talk about!

This week we will be reporting on two high profile shootings, some high profile staff additions and starting out on our more in-depth analysis of the Gangs and Crews of Bootleggers. We also have an Opinion piece from Ragabonz, with the opportunity to win Gold purely for telling us what you think!

This week also marks the return of Refu as a writer, who will be bringing us the stories behind the usernames you interact with on a daily basis! You will also find the debut of blflag as one of our new feature writers, bringing you a firsthand account of life as a new player as he finds his way through the intricacies and politics of our game.

Finally, we close with details of both last week's contest winners and details of our big contest next week!



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Hostilities continued this week, with The Company falling victim to a seemingly internal massacre on Wednesday.

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Behind the name Refutwo

Introducing a weekly segment from the past, Behind the name', where players get randomly chosen by the Buzz for an interview.

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OPINION: 'Goldrush' OCIng Ragabonz

The Buzz wants YOUR opinion on 'Goldrush' OCing, you could even earn yourself a cool 150 Gold for having your say!

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Interviews with crews: The Vanguard SpicyD

The first article of this new weekly feature. This writer sits down with Ragabonz, the State Don of Illinois and the current boss of The Vanguard.

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Two MODs and a HDO walk into a bar... iSpicyD

Last week we saw three players promoted to different levels of staff and the community had a few words to say about it. In this article we talk to the players involved and find out how they feel about it all.

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This Thing Of Ours: Vengeance (Final) FrankCostelloV2

We've got blood, guts, explosions and shocking surprises in our fourth and final installment of This Thing Of Ours, Our tell-all account of life in the mafia from a current, prominent mobster.

Pour a drink, take a seat and make your way into our nation's criminal underbelly.

Names and identities have been changed to protect those involved.

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Bootleggers - The First Day as a Newcomer blflag

Most Bootleggers players are that absorbed with their daily BL routine that they forget how it feels to be in the shoe of someone who enters BL for the very first time. How does it feel, do you remember your first day?

Well, I don't know about you, but here's my story..

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CONTESTS: Reader Contest Results & Our Next Contest! TrevorPhilips

  • Last week's entries were collected, the winners chosen at random, the briefcases of cash prepared. Are you a lucky winner?

  • Details of our next contest are also within!

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