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Editors note 7Virtues

After a brief hiatus, the Buzz is returning to routine. I offer no excuses, only a sincere apology for its absence.
The Bootleggers Buzz will now function more like blog than a weekly newspaper.
Both myself and the Elite Guard understand that we aren't all kids anymore, most of us have jobs and many of us also have families. This doesn't leave much time for regular and committed writing.
As a result, all of the writer positions have been removed (although this doesn't mean they will never be opened again). Instead, we would like all articles to be submitted via the Buzz page under "Freelance Article".
I will check them over, and as long as they do not violate the ToS they will be published daily. A summary of the week will also be published every Sunday.

The Buzz really is in your hands, now more than ever. However, given the number of players who regularly claim on the forum that they "could write for the Buzz if they had time", I have high hopes that this change will indeed save our publication. You are now free to write in your own time, about a topic of your own choice.

Weekly Summary

  • An unnamed individual has been attempting to hack other players accounts. This was done by brute forcing individual accounts, there was no database breach. It is recommended that you change your password to something secure, or even better use a password manager such as LastPass.
  • Half timers occurred on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Game Statistics:
The decision to bring the Buzz back this week, was made very late on, so unfortunately the only statistic I can compare for you this time is game cash. Next week we will have a much larger overview
  • Net cash has risen by $120,000,000

Crews Wiped
  • Virtual Reality
  • The Prophecy

Mika held a Russian Roulette, Aspiress won 1,500 Gold.
  • Aspiress - WINNER Legendary Godfather
  • Wormed - killed Respectable Boss
  • Millwall - killed Legendary Godfather
  • DrWayneKing - killed Godfather
  • Moosive - killed Respectable Boss
  • GoldSlugs - killed Hitman

Organised Crimes

I am also publishing three freelance articles that have been submitted since the last edition. I have added the dates to these, as although two of them are about outdated crew wipes, I appreciate the fact that the authors took the time to write and submit them.

The Collapse of Made Men Web

With this week bring the cleverness of crew take overs, Made Men fell victim to being insided by The Sacred Empire...

Read the entire article...

The early bird does not always get the worm Bowel

This is an exclusive in-depth interview with a Bootleggers legend. Must read story containing the details of a very deadly day in Bootleggers history.

Read the entire article...

Crews - Room for improvement? Bogdan

An old players view of the crew feature.

Read the entire article...

Obituaries 7Virtues

A total of 122 players have died this week.

Read the entire article...

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