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Editors note FlameS

Welcome all to the first edition of the Bootleggers Buzz this round!

Riot, ShyGuy, Pendulum and I are very excited to be relaunch the Buzz and hopefully give you a weekly dose of entertainment and information.

As we find our feet and get back into the routine of creating this paper we are going to drive two things;

  • Overall quality and design of articles
  • Increasing the variety in type of article

Ultimately the Buzz exists for you; its readers and therefore your feedback is of great value for us in being able to create a quality product, so please share your thoughts with us when you drop by.

We are also interested in hearing from potential future writers from next week, so please add an application which you can find at the bottom of this page, you will be contacted and invited into a group chat early next week.

Without further ado, we are pleased to bring you this week’s articles;

  • The Vanguards shooting of Skaros Remnants by Pendulum
  • An article interviewing the games new staff by ShyGuy
  • The potential weekly Crew Alliance Tracker by FlameS
  • The weekly Crew Power Leader board by Riot
  • The fight for New York Bullet Factory by Pendulum
  • The Buzzed (SATIRE) by Riot
  • The weekly stats by FlameS

Crew Power Rankings Riot

Week two for the rankings is in the books! Lets take a look at our movers and shakers!

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You have been promoted to Moderator Trainee! Cheryl

Put your sunglasses on, because there is some bright green light on the Forums again! The Buzz was able to speak two new fresh Moderator Trainees; FlameS and Riot.

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The Buzzed (SATIRE): Round Six players, married in game, return to game to file for divorce. Riot

Two players return to the era of Bootleggers marriages and "Protected by" pics in order to bring an end to their previous matrimony.

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The Fagguard? Pendulum

Ever wondered what happens to people who talk behind others backs? Well Skaros found out.

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COMIC: Brace Yourself Cheryl

New York City Pendulum

Ever wondered why the people of New York City are always looking over their shoulders? Well now it is time to find out...

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The Crew Alliance Tracker FlameS

A visual guide for the politics that may exist between crews...

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The Weeks Obituaries FlameS

To The Fallen

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Weekly Stats Snapshot FlameS

Have a look at the stats as a snapshot in time, potentially to be compared with in future

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