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Editors note MrSpicyD

Good morning and welcome all to a new issue of the Bootleggers Buzz. As you will probably know, it has been an incredibly action packed week! We have witnessed one of the biggest killing sprees in Bootleggers history, the aftershocks of which are still being felt nearly a week later.

The Buzz team have been working extraordinarily hard this week to bring you a comprehensive round-up of the week's action, and we hope you enjoy what we have got in store for you.

Anything that is missing due to time constraints will be caught up with in future issues, please contact an Editor if you have any queries.

I would also like to congratulate MrSpicyD on his first issue as a co-editor and also Zohra being accepted as our first new writer at the Buzz. With that in mind thank all of our applicants for making it even harder to pick our new writers! Decisions will be made this week on who joins the Buzz team.

As always, thank you all for reading!

Black Tuesday: An Introduction JonSnow

  • Organized Crime IMPLODES with the widespread massacre of gangsters nationwide.

  • EIGHT organized crime gangs, crews and families are amongst the 193 DEAD over a 24 hour period.

  • FOUR criminal organisations known to be jointly responsible, DESTROYING the previous, infamous 'Alliance'.

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  • Black Tuesday: Part 1/Where to start? MrSpicyD

    One of the biggest, if not the biggest, shootings we have seen in a longtime took place this week all across the nation. Involving crews that had previously not been connected and destroying connections made years ago. As the dust settles, what still remains?

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    Interviews with crews: The Company MrSpicyD

    The fifth article of this weekly feature. I sit down with Lev, part time business man; full time joker, and one of the bosses of The Company.

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    Black Tuesday: Part 2/The morning after the night before. MrSpicyD

    So yesterday the biggest shooting I've seen took place and I got to talk to PlusTwo to see what the view point was from someone that saw it all happen around them. Today is a new day, with new information. Wish me luck.

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    Behind the name - Buzz Edition Refutwo

    In the light of recent events, lets have a buzz behind the name edition!

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    Black Tuesday: Part 3/Those that were. MrSpicyD

    After hearing and reading what the attacking side in this blood bath had to say, I now turn to the victims of the shooting and see what their story is.

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    The Ndrangheta wiped off the grid Refutwo

    Read the vicious story behind the The Ndrangheta shootout.

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    The hit on Event Horizon Zohra

    Only 3 days after the massive shoot-out. Event Horizon received an unwelcome visit.

    Read the entire article...

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