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Editors note 7Virtues

With a new week comes a new Buzz! As 7Virtues wrote in the previous issue, the Buzz will now be more in a blog form, meaning that any submissions that do not violate the ToS or game rules will be published as soon as possible. We are looking forward to seeing what everyone can come up with! The remarks on how people would like to write for the Buzz have not been missed and we feel that this format is the best chance that you can get. Good luck and get writing!

In addition to featuring all submitted articles, 7Virtues will add the Obituaries and a weekly summary to the Buzz every Sunday. This will be added to the Buzz every week, even if no other articles have been submitted. Should you be curious to the summary of last week and an overview of last week's deaths then you can take a look at issue #26.

For now you can enjoy the article of GenderBender, who we thank for his early submission. If you wish to contribute to the Buzz then you can do so by submitting a Freelance Article on the bottom of this page. The subject of the piece has to be Bootleggers related, but beyond that it is completely up to you. An interview, opinion piece or column; the options are virtually endless!

We hope to hear from you soon. Until then, take care and stay safe!

- Mika

Most Wanted Meatshields on Strike! GenderBender

Most Wanted upper management continues to abuse, use, and tax their meatshields until they break.

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Most Wanted Meatshield Rally Brings Sweeping Changes GenderBender

Protests bring sweeping changes across MW leadership.

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Why I Keep Returning To BL Silver

My experience here...

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TCO Now Accepting Refugees From Meat Shield Uprising TheDopeDealer

The Chicago Outfit announces it is the first crew to try giving basic human rights to meat shield refugees.

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Crew Enjoys Last Days With Boss TheDopeDealer

A crew mourns it's last few moments with their beloved crew boss PJustice before he's taken to a better place.

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