Sunday, November 8th, 2009
Issue: 1   Editor: Nyxxie

Editors note Nyxxie

The Buzz and I welcome you to round six and Issue Number 1 of the Bootleggers Buzz! The round has just started and already are we proud to present our first issue full of information. Although we lack crew takeovers, Nation and State Don killings and promotions, we are happy to report on staff promotions and all the new and exciting things round six has to offer everyone.

When one round ends and a new one begins, players feel motivated to become the first of something, of anything, to get their name recognized by the thousands of players who log in every day, hoping to do the very same. Only one week into the reset we have already congratulated our first Boss, our first crew, our first Bullet Factory and Casino holder and even a new Help Desk Operator. With so much going on in such little time, it's sure going to be an exciting new round.

In the coming weeks, The Buzz will introduce new weekly articles as well as bring back some old ones that seemed to be a hit in the reset prior. My experience with the Buzz is a long one and I have been editor for quite some time now. We have almost tried everything and anything to spark some fun into the Buzz, but we are not done yet. Look forward to new articles to arise in the coming weeks, as well as fun and challenging contest and laugh out loud comics poking fun at not only the game, but the players and staff within. My job as an editor is to challenge my writers to bring forth new and exciting ideas as well as demand the same from our devoted readers and the players of this game we all lose sleep over. If you want something added into the Buzz, or think you have a great idea, I am only a bootmail away! We will consider anything that comes our way.

Currently, the Buzz has a staff of eleven. We are always looking for more! If you think you have what it takes to be a writer of the Bootleggers Buzz and believe you can devote your time to serve the game in a way like no other, feel free to submit an application by scrolling down and clicking the second drop down menu, being sure to choose "Application." There, you will be prompted to write an article as yo would as an official Buzz writer about a recent Bootleggers event. Remember to mind your punctuation, grammar, form and spelling. Writing quality is very important to us and we will only allow the best of this game into our coveted forum. We want you, yes you! So type away and start sending those articles in!

If you don't want to devote week after week to the Buzz, there is another option for you. Anyone and everyone in this game can forward a FREELANCE ARTICLE to the Buzz. You do not have to be a writer of the Buzz to do so. Simply submit the already written article by scrolling down and clicking the second drop down menu, being sure to choose "Freelance Article." We will add anything (within reason and editor discretion) to the Buzz. This includes, but not limited to, your own opinions about a certain event, promotion of Staff, action of Staff or new feature. We will not edit you. If you can bring forth your opinion in a mature manner, you will be assured to see your article in the upcoming issue prior to submitting.

Now, onwards to the articles. I hope you enjoy this first issue and find it to be above average to our usual. Remember to rate and comment on every article you read.

Thanks and happy gaming!

The Coast to Coast (Beer) Run TheSilentKiller

With beer replacing wine as a key ingredient to a successful first mission, players are finding it rather hard to complete it. Supply and demand is at an all time high and the poor store keepers weren't quite prepared for what was in store this reset!

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Can YOU See The Finishing Line? Frick

Rank, bank, repeat. The race to become the first of any rank is well on its way. We've already witnessed the first Gangster, and even the first Boss. What is in store for us next issue and who will win the race to become the first State Don of Round SIX.

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Reset! The Changes Aldarion

A new round, a fresh start. Just over a week ago, Bootleggers entered the sixth round. Based on the lay-out, you might think that not much changed, compared to the end of the fifth round. The question then is: what actually changed?

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Sean In Yellow! lordwell

Earlier this week, on 4th November, the Administrators decided to bring another player to the Help Desk. Some see this as an unexpected promotion, while others believe it was long deserved. Where do you stand on this newest Help Desk Operators' promotion?

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Presenting: The Vanguard JoeyDaAxe

You probably didn't think that they would be the first. The Buzz interviews TFKyle about being the first crew to hit the stats in Round 6. What's in store for this round from The Vanguard and could the be the first of many other things to come?

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Aldarion

The game statistics for this week. You will be able to compare this information with other weeks gathered. This will be a great tool when the reset is well on it's way!

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A Nice Vault, But You Received None of It Mika

Scamming is old, it has happened in the past and we can be certain that players will attempt to scam in the future as well. Perhaps reading this article will prepare you for some of the popular scams likely to come up in this reset!

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Going, Going, Going, GONE! IShallPersevere

With the long awaited reset given to the Bootleggers people, it was not long before players had signed up and begun earning their fortunes. The Bullet Factories were on high demand this reset, with all nine being owned and claimed within 24 hours of the first.

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Farewell Sabin! Sean

Accounts aren't the only thing Bootleggers lost during the chaos period at the end of the last round. Sabin also took this opportunity to retire from the Elite Guard after five long years of being on the staff. The decision was met by shock and controversy.

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State of the State - California XVI

Warm weather, crystal clear beaches, tasty wines and of course celebrities. California, god of the sun, will be the first state of nine that the Buzz will be telling about. Learn about the REAL state and it's statistics back in the 1930's, compared to that of Bootleggers.

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The Weekly Flash Aldarion

The weekly flash contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasnÂ’t covered in one of the other articles. This is a quick fix for anyone wanting to know what happened this week, but doesn't feel like devoting the time to read the details.

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Our current Buzz Team. Some new faces and some still dedicated to continue on with the madness!

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Bootleggers Weekly Comic Nyxxie

Freelance Articles Nyxxie

Sean - The New HDO! AceAdam

A player to player interview with the newest HDO to be added to the list, Sean.

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Let There Be Light. hendertron

Hendetron would like to show his view on the reset and tell about those frightening hours when Bootleggers did not seem to come online.

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