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Editors note TrevorPhilips

Welcome to a new and rejuvenated Bootleggers Buzz. After a rocky couple of weeks, culminating in the departure of our previous Editor (more in this issue) we are now refocused, refreshed and ready to deliver a publication that is fit for our fantastic in-game Community!

This week sees the debut of several new features within the Buzz. You will be reading not only our first Editorial of the round, but also the launch of our Opinion, Letters to the Editor and Feature columns. We are also laying the foundations for the first Buzz Contest of the round, and we are intending to start with a bang! This has all been made possible by the tireless work of our new and expanding Bootleggers Buzz team, and we are still on the lookout for new ideas and contributors. Further information on how you can get involved will also be found in this Issue.

As your new Editor I would like to thank you all for your patience while we get things up and running, and for the fantastic feedback you have given so far. The response has truly made the work worthwhile, and we look forward to producing quality articles for you!


The Bootleggers Buzz was rocked to the core this week with the downfall and imprisonment of this paper’s very own Editor.

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The Buzz Wants YOU! TrevorPhilips

A new beginning for the Buzz would not be complete without new ideas.

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OPINION: A Crewless Bloodbath Ragabonz

This week, Ragabonz discusses the sharp rise in the number of 'Crewless' individuals targeted in the last two weeks; as well as the potential reasons why.

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Assignments: A More In-Depth Review Tortuga

A quick look at the assignments feature a week after it has been implemented.

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CONTEST: The Bootleggers Buzz' Big Launch TrevorPhilips

Although slightly later than planned, a celebratory Buzz Contest is coming!

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FEATURE: This Thing Of Ours: Part 1 (Vengeance) FrankCostello

In our debut Feature, we have a tell-all account of life in the Mafia from a current, prominent Mobster. Pour a drink, take a seat and make your way into our Nation's criminal underbelly.

Names and identities have been changed to protect those involved.

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BREAKING NEWS - The Invisibles Shot Ragabonz

At 20:13:01 on 2015-06-23 we saw shootings occur the perpetrators The Sacred Empire, The victim’s the Invisibles. With swift retaliation resulting in the savour of the Invisibles and the demise of The Sacred Empire.

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BREAKING NEWS - Final Redemption: Second Family Tortuga

Just short of two months since round nine began, Final Redemption has become the second crew on the statistics to achieve family status.

Letter to the Editor: Gold exploit huntenkill

In this week's debut of our Letters to the Editor feature, a letter from an ordinary Bootlegger on how he was able to manipulate the markets.

LOOKING BACK: Duping gold never was this easy.

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