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Editors note 7Virtues

Good morning all.
Truth be told, I was a little concerned about this issue of the Buzz. Several Writers and an Editor are on vacation, coupled with it being a relatively quiet week; when I look back at August.

My fears were ill-placed however, as the team pulled together and covered everything, with the only exception being those who declined an interview.

Writing this week's introduction means I have the pleasure of officially welcoming and announcing our two newest writers: DrFapMax and Webster.
I am sure that they will do us proud, in fact they have hit the ground running.

So without any further delay, grab your morning coffee, and enjoy the issue.

RedSunRising turned to full moon Cubsfan444

It was a full moon when the wolves howled at the sun

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Not everyone gets a Final Redemption in life SpicyDick

This week we saw a wipe of a crew I once had close types to for a short period of time, Final Redemption and I try to find out why this crew keeps getting shot at but yet keeps coming back.

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The Memorial Day Massacre Webster

After having a beautiful memorial day weekend, bootleggers was hit yet again with another slaying of two powerful crews of Round 9 falling into the graveyard.

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The Great Depression Webster

With an unbalanced economy, what does the future of Round 9 look like for us?

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Interviews with crews: Avantasia IHaveASpicyD

The ninth article of this weekly feature. I sit down with Necromancer, a proud Jordan and one of the bosses of Avantasia.

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The Company, Back in business? Webster

The Company wipes Death Valley over their crew colour!

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Murdered in the Valley of Death Redskins444

Bad blood poured out due to VOD shooting other crews.

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