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Editors note TrevorPhilips

Welcome to another Issue of the Bootleggers Buzz. I hope you are all enjoying your Summer vacation (even if you're in the UK and the weather is poor pretty much all the time!)

In this week's issue you will read about the demise of This Ain't Farmville, alongisde SpicyD's weekly feature of interviewing a current Crew. This week, Sector Omertà are the ones under the journalistic microscope. We are also launching a new feature, that will run over several issues, on Bootleggers in its current state and where the game will go from here.

Alongside the news and analysis we also have a continuation of our 'Bullets and Alcohol' contest courtesy of FrankCostello, and a rundown of our current Buzz Team. You can also find information on how to join the Buzz if you are interested, before we close by announcing the winner of our first Opinion incentive!

As always, thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoy this week's offering!

Behind the name Refutwo

A new week and two new victims!

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They knew this wasn’t Farmville MrSpicyD

It was just a matter of time before this was going to happen. But did it have to be so soon after our first meeting? On a lovely mid week afternoon a quiet farm was disturbed from it’s peace by a group of men, out for revenge.

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NEW FEATURE: The Game Today TrevorPhilips

Over the next few issues, the Buzz will be taking a look at the state of Bootleggers today. This will range from features the community wants, to the game’s current pitfalls/strengths, to looking ahead to the future.

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The Game Today: Features wanted by the Community TrevorPhilips

As part of our on-going analysis of Bootleggers in its current state, the Buzz takes a look at some the potential features and updates that the in-game community would like to see.

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Interviews with crews: Sector Omertà MrSpicyD

The third article of this weekly feature. I sit down with Jmak, the calm and collected, yet subtly terrifying, boss of Sector Omertà.

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OPINION: ‘Goldrush’ OCing – Your Thoughts & Competition Winner TrevorPhilips

Thank you to everyone who commented on our earlier article on using Gold to commit Organized Crimes at an accelerated rate. Comments from the community were all generally supportive of this practice, with many stating that it is the prerogative of the player to use their gold (and real world currency in some cases) for whatever purpose they wish.

Some commenters did state however, that updates to the price and functionality of this feature, should not be carried out partway through a round when others have already benefitted from more favourable conditions.

All responders to this article were placed into a dice game, and I pleased to announce that bam is our winner! Please contact TrevorPhilips to arrange an escrow for your 150 Gold.

Keep an eye out for our OPINION pieces, as The Buzz will be regularly adding comment incentives such as this to randomly selected articles.

Bullets and Alcohol FrankCostelloV2

After a week of advertising, The Trust is ready to begin it's game!

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The Buzz wants YOU! Refutwo

Do you like writing and feel like giving the Buzz a try? Write about a recent Bootleggers subject and make sure to mind your grammar, punctuation and overall article. We will try to get back at you as soon as we can!

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The Buzz Team TrevorPhilips

Details on the current Buzz team and current vacancies.

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