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Editors note SpicyDick

Welcome to this week's Buzz. It has been two weeks since the last edition was published so we had some catching up to do. But you guys didn’t make it easy for us with yet again an action packed few days of shooting that left the statistics page looking very different indeed.

Also we have two new writers, KingStevie and JKWayneking, who are very eager to get their work out there. And the applications keep coming in, of which me and Archon will be looking over in the coming week.

We also have some articles that will be released mid week to keep you readers interested. So sit back and enjoy this issue of the Buzz.

Like last time, thanks for reading!

Keep calm and carry on shooting? JKWayneking

After months being at the top, we saw the shooting we have all been waiting for. Find out more inside.

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Interviews with crews: Red Sun Rising MrSpicyD

The eighth article of this weekly feature. I sit down with Gamon, and one of the bosses of Red Sun Rising.

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Too many Associations DemonicSoul

A new writer tackles the demise of The Associates.

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Behind the name Refutwo

A new week and 2 new victims!

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Download fail on National Farmers Union Thatonetimebandcamp

Barn animal bonanza... How could this be? An innocent crew name like National Farmers Union turned into a bloody masquerade... Stay tuned for the full story when the Buzz continues.

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After a shooting, Death always follows SpicyDick

In the wake of the mass shooting of The Vanguard and The Sacred Empire, their remaining allies Death Valley decided the fate of their killers.

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The revenge shooting MrSpicyD

On Tuesday we saw the first out right retaliation of the crew destruction a few weeks ago. This article finds out what really happened.

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Murder in the Windy City Hambone

14 "honest" (?) men gunned down in the 1100 block of Chicago.

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Interviews with crews: Death Valley MrSpicyD

The seventh article of this weekly feature. I sit down with DasShrooms, someone I know oh too well through the buzz and one of the bosses of Death Valley.

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To kill or not to kill? That is the question StillWayneKing

This writer looks into the reasons behind the brutal wipe of both Sector Omerta and Merces Letifer by their alliance members.

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Comic of the week MrRefu

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