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Editors note ShyGuy

Welcome to the first issue of the Bootleggers Buzz of round 8!

Finally, the first issue of round 8! Due a little nasty bug in the Buzz Control Panel, we were not able to publish last week, but here we are, with an incredible issue. It is written by an almost completely new team and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Buzz Team for their great effort, well done guys! Alright, with almost one month of no Bootleggers Buzz, we have plenty of events to discuss, so let’s move on to the content of the week!

With the start of a new round we always see some changes in the Staff-team. Some people leave and some people get a lovely promotion, just like Youn, who received a green jacket. With this promotion, two other Staff members decided to burn their yellow jacket. We say farewell to former Help Desk Operators RatFaceRay and ShyGuy and welcome Aerius and MarcOvermars as the new minions. That immediately brings us to a special topic on the Game Forum! Due the small amount of Help Desk Operators, the Elite Guard decided that players can now apply to become a Help Desk Operator!

With less than 10 Godfathers, we already witnessed plenty of crew wipes and deaths. The Untouchables were insided, Victory and Non Compos Mentis were wiped in a matter of minutes and The Vanguard may call their self the first crew of round 8 which survived a crew wipe. Plenty of action and all that for those very important Bullet Factories. With the change of the Crew and Kill feature the Bullet Factories are now extremely important and it is a matter of time before we witness the next attack regarding these assets.

Plenty of action, but we would not be an amazing newspaper if we did not have any columns for you! In this week’s issue we give you an explanation of the new introduced features, such as the crew feature and the federal bank feature. Oh, before I forget, do you remember Afty? That crazy guy with those amazing occasional guides? Well, uh, he is back and decided to write another great occasional guide, which is definitely worth your time!

The first of a new round is always special and I believe the Buzz Team did an amazing job the past two weeks. Unfortunately I lost my ambitions to lead this fantastic team and therefore I decided to resign as a Buzz Editor. Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the writers who contributed to this amazing issue and I wish them all the best of luck in their Bootleggers career. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the issue and may we talk again!

Buzz Editor

A little peek in the Gang world Scarcio

Gangs, Crews, Family’s. The new crew system brings us a lot of changes. Different types of crews, different positions in crews, structures, facilities and a lot of new things to figure out when shooting one. What are all these new things and how do they work? Here is a little peek into what we know already.

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Revolution of the Federal Bank riverpenguin

This round has seen a number of changes, one of which being the new banking feature. We here at the Buzz look into the update and the implications it could have.

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NEWS: Bullet Factories ShyGuy

With the start of a new round comes the race to obtain the range of establishments Bootleggers has to offer, but none are more valuable than the bullet factories. We here at the Buzz look into those first few players that managed to get their hands on such a prize and examine the consequences which followed.

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NEWS: Surprise Jump in Game Cash Matador

A sudden increase in game cash causes more than a few raised eyebrows. Thankfully only a minor glitch in the matrix is to blame.

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Afty's Occasional Guide To Afty

Returning from a short run in the previous round, Afty's Occasional Guide To takes a look at what you need to know about playing a new round of Bootleggers.

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Buzz Poll - Results ShyGuy

Obituaries ShyGuy

A list of all the people who died this week!

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NEWS: Bootleggers CommYounity Gains New Moderator Matador

Elite Guard opens recruitment for the first time in two years. Veteran Help Desk Operator, Youn, is the recipient of Bootleggers' newest green jacket.

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The Buzz Team Presents... Illinois

COLUMN: Ready, Set, Rank! Illinois

A race to the top, a battle of the clickers and the survival of strongest. Whatever you might call it, the start of the round sees much ranking and we take a quick look at how the new features affect this age old tradition.

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COLUMN: A False Start ShyGuy

The start of a new round. It is the best time to close your front door, shut yourself down for an entire week and crime all day long. What if your invested time is all wasted due a feature which results in a lot of wasted time?

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Plax – The Machine ShyGuy

Have you been doing crimes 24/7 and just promoted to Respectable Boss? Awesome, but that is nothing compared to the player named plax, who recently promoted to Don. Incredible and therefore the Buzz had a word with this amazing player.

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Once Upon A Time ShyGuy

What exactly happened a few years ago?

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Game Statistics ShyGuy

This week's Game Statistics.

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The Weekly Flash ShyGuy

You don't want to read all the articles? You only want to read a small overview of what happened this week? We give you, The Weekly Flash! Here are this week's main stories:
  • HOORAY!!!
    The First Bootleggers Buzz Issue of Round 8!

  • Non Compos Mentis wiped!
    Plenty of action already, as a player named ScarCityAllstar, was able to wipe the statistics crew Non Compos Mentis. Unfortunately this player did not reply at our messages, so we couldn't interview the shooter.

  • Jacket Update!
    Youn got promoted to Moderator and RatFaceRay and ShyGuy left the Help Desk. Aerius and MarcOvermars received a fancy yellow jacket and the Elite Guard is now recruiting Help Desk Operators; check out the Game Forum for more information!

  • The Untouchables Insided!
    How can you inside something which you cannot touch? Too complicated, right? Nevertheless, a player named Regulus was able to do it!

  • The Buzz presents ''The Bootleggers Organized Crime Book Of Records''!
    That's right! Each week we will update you with the highest/lowest/average Organized Crime vault!
    The current highest vault of a one car Organized Crime: $737,086
    The current lowest vault of a one car Organized Crime: $150,890
    The current average vault of a one car Organized Crime: $259,304

    The current highest vault of a two car Organized Crime: No data
    The current lowest vault of a two car Organized Crime: No data
    The current average vault of a two car Organized Crime: No data

    The total amount of stolen money, based on Organized Crimes only, is: $332,167,833
    The average vault for the state Illinois is: $264,536
    The average vault for the state Michigan is: $245,593
    The average vault for the state California is: $266,576
    The average vault for the state New York is: $259,706
    The average vault for the state Colorado is: $262,563
    The average vault for the state Pennsylvania is: $255,727
    The average vault for the state Louisiana is: $265,068
    The average vault for the state Nevada is: $260,524
    The average vault for the state New Jersey is: $268,085

The Buzz Team ShyGuy

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