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Editors note JonSnow

Welcome to another issue of the Bootleggers Buzz. With summer hopefully now in full swing for most of you, many of us are now enjoying the Summer vacation and pursuing things outside of the game. In fact, if not for some blocked out time at work today, I may have had to delay releasing this very issue! A couple of our writers are away this week though, so please bear with us while the Buzz skeleton crew puts some good stuff together for your reading pleasure.

Don't let the August sunshine fool you though, the warm weather has not deterred the gangsters and the shooters this week, and we do have some action to report! We also take a look at some major updates made to the game and start setting up for our next couple of issues.

As always, thank you for reading. We hope to bring you a larger issue next week.

Two is company, three’s a crowd. MrSpicyD

Three crews shooting and two crews catching the bullets. Where do you even start? Probably with the ones still alive. Wish me luck.

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UPDATE/OPINION: Smoke, Mirrors and Mafiosi TrevorPhilips

In response to recent events, mobsters up and down the country are making themselves increasingly more difficult to find, catch and kill. The Buzz investigates.

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New Co-Editor/A Call for Writers! JonSnow

Change is afoot for your Bootleggers Buzz team!

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Behind the name - Staff Edition Refutwo

This week we have a special staff edition to celebrate the new updates!

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Interviews with crews: The Chicago Outfit MrSpicyD

The fourth article of this weekly feature. I sit down with BatDel, the tough-guy-business-man, and one of the bosses of The Chicago Outfit.

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The Game Today: Features wanted by the Community TrevorPhilips

Due to this week's major Gameplay update, Staff feedback on the features suggested by the community in last week's issue has been delayed to a future issue. We anticipate a Staff response coming in within the next week or so.

Bullets and Alcohol: Summary TrevorPhilips

FrankCostello is away this week due to real life commitments, so a write up of our Bullets and Alcohol contest will be available in next week's issue. Thank you to all who participated, and Congratulations to our winners!

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