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Editors note JJJameson

Welcome Bootleggers to another issue of your Buzz!

What a week! Many, many and MANY shootings! Bullets everywhere and during the publishing of this weeks Buzz, the bullets are still flying through the streets. Unfortunately you won't be reading anything about this weekend madness in this weeks Buzz, but next week these massive shootings will definitely be covered.

We have a short issue for this week, mainly due to my terrible weekend. Unfortunately I did not have as much time as I wanted and therefore the articles I had to write are not finished. Better luck next week! Nonetheless, we have an interesting read for you!
  • NEWS: You've been WHACKED!! by Phantom
  • INTERESTING: The Vanguard History by Pendulum
  • SATIRE by Riot
  • STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings by ShyGuy
  • The Weekly Statistics by ShyGuy

Happy Bootlegging from the team and I! My apologies for the short read this week and have a good weekend!

INTERESTING: The Vanguard History Pendulum

Let us find out together the true history behind The Vanguard, one of the few crews who are still around after forming in round one.

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NEWS: You've been WHACKED!! Phantom

One of the biggest changes we have seen so far in round 9.75 is the new feature Whack. What’s whack you ask? The answer is simple; it’s a brand new version of the old kill feature. A new way to shoot and a new way to search. With KyleKroff promising a feature tweak for Whack, we take a look at what it is, how it’s impacting the game and get the views of some of the general public on what they would like to see changed to the feature in the near future.

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Fashion: Mid 90’s forgettable trend JNCO Jeans forced to be created 70 years earlier so players can hold all of their bullets. Riot

A boom in the bullet industry causes the fashion industry to embarrass itself earlier than anticipated.

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The Weeks Obituaries JJJameson

To All Fallen

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Weekly Stats Snapshot JJJameson

Take a peak at the statistics!

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