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Editors note Aldo

Hello and welcome to the 16th edition of the Bootleggers Buzz for round 9.75!

We have a nice and early morning release for you all on this lovely bank holiday weekend.

Honestly, it’s been a relatively quiet week and some of our writers are MIA due to in real life commitments. However, we have managed to put together a really interesting edition for you guys and I sincerely hope you enjoy the read!

    - The Down-low with Aldo edition 2 by Aldo. This is my opinion based bi-weekly article that is sure to rustle some feathers again.
    - Number 23, unlucky for some by Baron. Baron takes a look at the recent shooting between 23rd Gunslingers and Death Valley/State Line Mob.
    - Feature Suggestion – Winner of the Round by JJJameson. An interesting piece on where the future of the game could take us.
    - Think Piece: RANKISM! By Coastie. Coastie provides us with another one of his brilliant think pieces!
    - INTERVIEW: Behind the Writer by Baron. Baron interviews our former editor JJJameson.
    - Behind the Name: ETS by Coastie. Coastie gives us an insight into the player ETS.
    - Game of Thrones: Battle of Winterfell - Contest Recap! By Riot. Riot sacrifices his weekly satire spot again to give us a recap about the recent Game Of Thrones contest he hosted, with a small interview with the winner.

Unfortunately we couldn’t cover the Mutiny shooting this week, however, I do give my opinion on it in The Down-Low with Aldo.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this weeks edition of the Bootleggers Buzz!

-Aldo, Buzz editor.

The Down-Low with Aldo Edition 2 Aldo

Hello and welcome to the second edition of The Down-Low with Aldo. This is a bi-weekly article in which I will discuss the events of the last two weeks whilst sharing my own opinion on the matters at hand. This week we’re going to cover a bunch of things ranging from the new balancing updates to some shootings including Mutiny and the 23rd Gunslingers!

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NEW: Number 23, unlucky for some baron

A crew formed of ex-servicemen have it out with another group of criminals. Although its reasoning seems clear, the attackers themselves aren't...

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Feature Suggestion – Winner of the Round JJJameson

It is no secret that KyleKroff wants to implement some kind of system to announce a winner at the end of each round. But how should this system look like and which elements are relevant in deciding a winner of a round? A Feature Suggestion – let the debate begin!

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Think Piece: RANKISM! iCoastie

Can't figure out why everyone is ignoring your bootmails Pee Wee? I think I may know why, take a read see why we call that "rankism" around these parts!

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Behind the Name: ETS iCoastie

A unique edition of Behind the name this week, I got to meet the player in person! Had a great breakfast with ETS and got to know him much better. Take a read here and find out a little more yourselves!

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INTERVIEW: Behind the Writer baron

The second instalment of our new weekly segment. This week? Why JJJameson of course!

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Game of Thrones: Battle of Winterfell - Contest Recap! Riot

A recap of the battle, insights to some of the characters picked, a word from the winner and a whole lot of spoilers. Do not come in if you are not caught up. Actually, I really need to views or Aldo is gonna fire me. If you have not seen the episode yet, open the article but do not take a look, just back out right away. Thanks.

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Obituaries Aldo

RIP to this weeks fallen!

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