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Editors note FlameS

Good afternoon everyone,

Well we here at the Buzz have had a busy week with Aldo stepping down, we thank him so much for his service as Editor and look forward to reading some more of his fantastic articles in the future.

I decided to step in for this week as a bridge to our new editor, and we are very glad to be appointing TheAmbassador as the next Buzz Editor. This is really exciting for us as a team as he has been with us since the start of the round and always organising us all into making sure the Buzz can be as good as it can be. He will be editing from next week; please see his article regarding changes of publishing time and day of the week, that I agree should help make the articles as good as they can be.

Elsewhere in the world of Bootleggers, we have seen a number of shootings this week, some of which are covered by Aldo's weekly article, make sure to check that out!

Baron also writes an article that covers shootings made on both The Vanguard and The Chicago Outfit.

Kyle celebrates his Birthday this week just after fixing a big BlackJack bug from the start of the week, both of these things also get covered.

We also published this weeks Buzz just after hosting a nice $50,000,000 Bust party in the forums, and while Kyle is away perhaps we can celebrate with both these parties and killing off some people in RR Maybe see you later for some games!

The Down-Low with Aldo Edition 3 Aldo

Hello and welcome to the third edition of The Down-Low with Aldo! I know, I know, it’s been four weeks since I last wrote one of these after promising it would be a bi-weekly thing. But life happens, y’ know? I’ll be covering what I believe to be the most important issues since the last edition; however, I won’t include everything (because I forgot everything). The main talking points will be regarding the Family overhaul and a recent shooting performed by The Vanguard!

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Candles, cakes and.. KyleKroff? cybae

There are birthday celebrations to be had, lets talk about that.

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CREWS: Behind the crew - The Invisibles baron

With their nudity and pinkness, The Invisibles have been around for as long as I can remember. But with all their jokes and playful antics, what has keep them together through the different eras of BL. I interviewed Himmel to try and find out.

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Update From the Staff FlameS

A little update from us....

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Blackjack Madness! TheAmbassador

On the 25th May, there was a mass outbreak within America as blackjack tables ended up becoming bugged!

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NEWS: 2 crews, 2 days, 2 different stories baron

After spotting two seemingly unconnected attacks on The Vanguard and The Chicago outfit I delve in to find out what really happened. After some questioning though I end up with very different views on the events.

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Buzz Update TheAmbassador

This is just to inform you all on our plans on the buzz.

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Graveyard! TheAmbassador

This weeks fallen souls.

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