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Welcome Bootleggers to another issue of your Buzz!

BULLETS, BULLETS AND BULLETS! Does the new Bullet Factory feature results in more action or is this just a major coincidence? Since the new release of the feature we at the Buzz witness a lot more action and we think that is just great! In addition to the articles about shootings, we have even more beautiful articles for you!
  • NEWS: Sunday Alliance by Phantom
  • EXCLUSIVE: Update from the staff by FlameS
  • COLUMN: Bring back the bootcast? by our newest writer Breeze
  • NEWS: The Demise of Arab Inc. by our newest writer iPrOpHeT_xX
  • PUZZLE: Bootleggers Buzz Weekly Puzzle by Nyxxie (Freelance)
  • INTERVIEW: Behind The Name by Breeze
  • SATIRE by Riot
  • STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings by ShyGuy
  • The Weekly Statistics by ShyGuy

Last but not least, because of Kyle there are a couple of updates/fixes to the Bootleggers Buzz! There were some display issues with the Buzz archive, which is displaying correctly now. Furthermore, rounds 8 & 9 are now viewable. Finally, Facebook commenting is now added to all of the issues and all of the articles. Get liking and sharing those articles!

Happy Bootlegging from the team and I and have a good weekend!

NEWS: Sunday Alliance? Phantom

On Sunday evening we were only just coming to terms with the end of a five-day bullet event which seen users be rewarded with free bullets after successfully committing a crime or auto burglary. In turn, this event brought a colossal amount of bullets into the game, everyone was expecting at least some shootings to happen, but I don’t think anyone expected what was to come.

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COLUMN: Bring back the bootcast? Breeze

Should the Bootcast come back? Would it be as loved as it once was? Does the game still have people willing to DJ and invest time into running it? This article is all about finding out!

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EXCLUSIVE: Update from the staff FlameS

Hey folks,

We are hoping to bring you a weekly update in the Buzz so you can have some visibility of what we have been working on each week.

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NEWS: The Demise of Arab Inc. iPrOpHeT_xX

The story behind their downfall has many moving parts and there are multiple sides to this story. Sit down boys and girls because this story is an interesting one.

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PUZZLE: Bootleggers Buzz Weekly Puzzle Nyxxie

Your weekly Bootleggers Buzz Puzzle - by Nyxxie!

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INTERVIEW: Behind The Name! Breeze

There are so many players on bootleggers, I thought we should take the chance to get to know some a little better!

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SATIRE: Player shocked to be alive after being shot with bullets made from melted down car tires. Riot

Murder gone wrong after shooter tries to use every part of car when making bullets.

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STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings JJJameson

The top 10-list of the current state of the Game of Thrones on Bootleggers.

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The Weeks Obituaries JJJameson

To All Fallen

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Weekly Stats Snapshot JJJameson

Take a peak at the statistics!

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