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Editors note JJJameson

Welcome Bootleggers to another issue of your Buzz!

A normal week, finally! A few small shootings, some discussions on the forums and that is it! No big jackpot or insane Russian Roulette's. It has been a quite normal week on Bootleggers. Nonetheless, we have an interesting read for you! So, what do we have for you this week?
  • EXCLUSIVE: Rackets – The Inflation Machine?! = by ShyGuy
  • NEWS: Mutiny - Shiver Me Timbers! by Phantom
  • STAFF: Statement From the Staff by FlameS
  • FINANCIAL: Stock Market Update by ShyGuy
  • SATIRE by Riot
  • STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings by ShyGuy
  • FREELANCE: A Bootleggers Poem by an anonymous writer
  • The Weekly Statistics by ShyGuy

Happy Bootlegging from the team and I! Enjoy the read and have a good weekend!

EXCLUSIVE: Rackets – The Inflation Machine?! JJJameson

A new feature has been introduced during Round 9.75; Rackets. Lately there have been a lot of rumors on the Game Forum that players earn too much money because of this feature. But is that really true? The Buzz has the statistics, just for you.

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NEWS: Mutiny - Shiver Me Timbers! Phantom

This week we catch up on what's been happening with the controversial crew Mutiny. We will look at how they came about as a crew, their recent war with Dutch Inc and other crews and what they plan to do about being shot from the statistics page!

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STAFF: Statement From the Staff FlameS

Hey folks,

We are hoping to bring you a weekly update in the Buzz so you can have some visibility of what we have been working on each week.

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FINANCIAL: Stock Market Update JJJameson

This week in your weekly Stock Market Update: Freedom Foundation (Nevada stock market) and Zimmerman Manufacturing (California stock market).

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SATIRE: New user starting to think he just might really be Ben. Riot

After asking for help in the forums, a new user is starting to realize he might not be who he thought he was.

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FREELANCE: Sitting in the Bootlegger's Jail... JJJameson

So you find yourself stuck there...

Submitted by an Anonymous Writer.

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STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings JJJameson

The top 10-list of the current state of the Game of Thrones on Bootleggers.

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Weekly Stats Snapshot JJJameson

Take a peak at the statistics!

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The Weeks Obituaries JJJameson

To All Fallen

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