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Editors note FlameS

Welcome to issue 32 of the Bootleggers Buzz.

This week has been an exciting one with plenty of action to watch, or inaction as is the case of the California Bullet Factory.

We have some nice articles for you to peruse this week;

  • The Royal Family at the centre of some action – Strikeback gives us some insights into their fight.
  • Dei Medici flex their muscles by Wiping The Deadly Assassins – written by Pendulum.
  • Notable Events, Weather and Sport from Jordan – by FlameS
  • The weeks birthdays – covered by Pendulum
  • The Invisibles shot and then shoot – By Strikeback

    Enjoy the issue and please feel free to make an application to the Buzz if you would like to help us in our mission of growing the team and covering more articles.

Royal blood drawn Strikeback

Royal got wipes! Read the story

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The Invisibles Strikeback

Shot and wipes almost instantly.. But will it end here....

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Cupcake Time BuzzWriter

Yes, once again it is that time to discuss this weeks birthdays again.

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Organised Crime Gone Wrong! BuzzWriter

Somehow during this organised crime something went horribly wrong and we ended up finding lots of dead bodies.

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NEWS: From Jordan FlameS

Notable Events, Weather and Sport from Jordan.

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