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Editors note FlameS

Welcome to the first edition of the Bootleggers Buzz after a break in service.

We are happy to be back writing and bringing you news and entertainment for all things Bootleggers.

I have decided to take the reigns once more for a few weeks and plan to hand back to a more permanent editor soon. We are also rather short of writer and would love to see some new blood in the team.

With that in mind, we welcome Strikeback to the Buzz writing team this week. Strikeback is from Belgium and has played BL for a number of years with this stint being his first ever on the Buzz.

Strikeback joins the team during a time when we are trying hard to make the Buzz feel like a worthwhile contribution to make. With such busy and full modern lives taking time out to research, document and write up a crew shooting this is a lot of valuable time given up. The changes we are making are to show some recognition for that time given up by providing our writers with a pay structure linked to the success of their articles as well as allowing them access to our test environment, so they can spend time understanding the games newly released and yet to be released features ahead of the rest of the community thereby allowing them to make genuine exclusive release type articles.

For this edition we bring you the following articles;

  • A look into the recent shooting of The Columbo Family written by Strikeback
  • A review of the new shooting system that was recently released – written by Cybae
  • A detailed look into the top 3 suggestions from the suggestion box after its recent overhaul – written by Pendulum
  • A welcome of Aldo to the Help Desk and sharing his experiences in his first month – written by FlameS
  • A look into the recent increase in the use of items: weed, fireworks and loot boxes – written by Strikeback

    We really hope you enjoy the read, should you wish to join the Buzz please fill in a application from the bottom of the Buzz page.

Shots ring out in unison, what's this madness? cybae

For what has felt like forever, the complaints en masse poured in concerning the ease ruthless killers have when they claim their victims by dropping entire crews from the shadows with a couple swift strokes of their keyboards and heavy clicks of their mice. What has changed?

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Catch Up With Aldo FlameS

We catch up with Aldo, the newest HDO, to see what things are like in his first month in the role.

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The wipe of The Colombo Family Strikeback

Another crew got wiped, who and why?.......

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Loot boxes, weed and fireworks Strikeback

Review of the latest game features based upon thoughts of players

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Backhanding bankers Pendulum

Is your current state bank actually helping you or are they really just robbing you blind?

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Suggestions, suggestions, Let us hear them! BuzzWriter

This week we shall take a look at the top most liked suggestions from the community and what real benefits they could give the game.

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Forum Warriors, where art thou Scarcio

A look at current activity on the forums and a means to improve it

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Buzz Recruitment! TheAmbassador

Once again we hope to persuade you all to help contribute to the buzz.

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