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Editors note Aldo

Hello and welcome to issue 18 of the Bootleggers Buzz for round 9.75!

First I need to cover a few things. First and foremost I'd like to thank Kyle and the staff team for giving the Buzz a way for writers to continue to write and play underground at the same time. The Buzz now has shared access to an account named BuzzWriter. So please do not be alarmed if you are contacted by this account asking for information. Some of you may have also noticed that I have been advertising for two new Buzz writers to join the team, however, with this update it means that we will not be losing Buzz writers to play underground, so we will only look to take on one new writer rather than two. Thanks to everyone who has applied, I will be contacting the successful candidate this evening. If you don't hear back, you can assume that you didn't get the position.

Now, on to the week! Unfortunately, we found ourselves massively understaffed without baron and Coastie, so this weeks edition is a short one. However, we hope to provide you with quality and not quantity this week and I feel like this is a fantastic edition for you guys to sink your teeth into. One of the most groundbreaking changes to happen to Bootleggers ever was discussed briefly on my podcast last week in an exclusive with KyleKroff. This week he has followed on from that and given us an article that covers the family overhaul in depth and gives us a fantastic insight into where the game is headed. I sincerely hope you can check it out, it's very, very exciting!

Finally, for those who were looking forward to seeing what I would write in my bi-weekly article The Down Low With Aldo will be disappointed. I didn't have time to write it this morning (I like to write it as late as possible in case anything last minute happens) so you can look forward to that next week where I will cover the last three weeks of action and politics.

This weeks news is as followed:

    - A Detailed Look Into The Upcoming Family Feature by KyleKroff
    - The Vanguard vs Dutch Inc, who’s winning? by Aldo
    - What's worse than dirty money? A dirty Bullet Factory... by SamSepiol
    - White Flag by Nazgul
    - The Off Topic Forum – An Empty BL Pub? by ShyGuy
    - Obituaries

And that just about covers everything. I know asking for feedback is something that we do quite regularly at the Buzz. I feel like this week we need as much feedback as possible regarding the proposed family overhaul and not the articles. Feel free to post your thoughts and opinions anywhere, in the comment section, in the game forum post, hell you can even make your own topic in the game forum! Just make sure the big man see's it as I know he is extremely eager to know your guys opinions. Thanks so much for reading and we will see you next week!

-Aldo, Buzz Editor.

A Detailed Look Into The Upcoming Family Feature KyleKroff

Don't miss this detailed look into the upcoming Family overhaul--a feature that's sure to change how the game is played!

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The Vanguard vs Dutch Inc, who’s winning? Aldo

One of the longest standing rivalries in Bootleggers history has to be The Vanguard and Dutch Inc. These two absolute powerhouses of recent bootlegging years have been going toe to toe for some time now and do not look like they will be stopping any time in the near future. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the rivalry, including interviews from both crews and try to come to a conclusion of who is winning the war.

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What's worse than dirty money? A dirty Bullet Factory... SamSepiol

On Monday 13th May we saw the fall of Event Horizon. Rumour has it that it all started over a dirty Bulley Factory...

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White Flag BuzzWriter

As the white flag rises, is it really defeat or just a secret plan to become stronger?

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The Off Topic Forum – An Empty BL Pub? JJJameson

It is Saturday evening; 6:30 PM your local time and you are thinking what to eat. ‘‘Shite, I ain’t gonna cook tonight’’. You decide to call Domino’s and you order this huge fat disgusting pizza with some additional hot choco cakes. No idea how, but you managed to eat it all and now you need some good liquid to finish your meal. You grab a beer and you go sit on your couch and you think about what you are going to do on this Saturday night.

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Obituaries Aldo

RIP to this weeks fallen!

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