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Editors note FlameS

Welcome to issue 34 of the Bootleggers Buzz.

This edition covers stories that have taken place over the last two weeks.

One of the first newsworthy things to mention is that we are looking for a new Buzz Editor.

I have just stepped in where necessary to make sure the publication takes place, but the editor should not be someone in Green.

Being the Buzz Editor can really provide you with an exceptionally different take on the game, you can lead a group of people to produce a quality product and get the hottest scoops on the game’s direction and future changes.

In order to succeed you will need roughly two to three hours per week, combined of leadership, writing, editing articles and managing the quality of the articles submitted.

In return, you will be supported throughout your tenure as well as having the creative flexibility to run the Buzz however you like.

If you would like to register your interest, please submit a freelance article to the Buzz explaining your thoughts and note any questions you have there.

We have some nice articles for you to peruse this week;

  • An open letter to The Revolution by Anonymity
  • The Merlot Story by Anonymous
  • The wiping of Friends by Dei Medici by Pendulum
  • Multipliers, when will they happen by Anonymity
  • California Bullet Factory – too hot to handle by Strikeback
  • Live from Alcatraz by ShyGuy

    Enjoy the issue and please feel free to make an application to the Buzz if you would like to help us in our mission of growing the team and covering more articles.

Open Letter to The Revolution Anonymity

After The Revolution were shot for no reason, to their knowledge, they reached out with an open letter, after retaliation of course...

Read the entire article...Sunday 6AM

The Merlot Story BuzzWriter

This mysterious killer has a story to tell. Find out who Merlot is and why does what he does!

Read the entire article...Sunday 1AM

Friends, Not Friendly? BuzzWriter

This week we dig out the information about Dei Medici shooting and wiping Friends.

Read the entire article...Monday 4PM

Multiplying, When will it happen? Anonymity

Does such a thing as 'A Multiplier' actually exist within the world of Bootleggers, or is it just a thing people call when they hit a big payout? Here at The Buzz, we find out more.

Read the entire article...Sunday 5AM

California Bullet factory - too hot to handle Strikeback

What's up with the bullet factories these days? Find out and please,
be aware of what follows.... if you try and own it!

Read the entire article...Saturday 6AM

SPORTS: Live From Alcatraz! JJJameson

It is the sound that you hear when the lock of your cell opens. You push away the bars and as you start running you thank the person who busted you. It is the journey to fortune and fame. A report of the madness which occurred at Alcatraz on August, 27th.

Read the entire article...Friday 10AM

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