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Editors note FlameS

Welcome Bootleggers to another issue of your Buzz!

We are happy this week because we get to make one of you lucky mafiosos 1,000 Gold richer. ShyGuy has developed a lovely competition for you, codenamed Hide & Seek, we suggest you get on that folks!

We also have a few other articles for you in this rather slow news week, we hope you enjoy the reads;
  • The Big Money Drop by Pendulum
  • The Buzzed (Satire) by Riot
  • In This Week by FlameS
  • Legendary or Not? By Pendulum
  • One to Watch – by FlameS
  • The Weekly Stats & Obituaries by FlameS

Lastly, we sincerely want to apologise to those of you who have expressed an interest in writing for the Buzz and that we haven’t followed up with you yet, please can everyone get in touch with ShyGuy (Cheryl) who will look after you this week!

Happy Bootlegging from the team and I.

Buzz Contest – Hide & Seek (1,000 GOLD) Cheryl

Your chance to win 1,000 gold coins! Game on!

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Mutiny – One to Watch… FlameS

Shiver me timbers, the SS Mutiny has set sail….

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The Great Money Drop Pendulum

Ever watched the stats and wondered, how much money honestly just dropped?

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In This Week; Through the Years... FlameS

Looking back through the Buzz archives to see what was going on during this week over the years…

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Ice Cream shop still in business despite being robbed 1,500 times a day. Riot

The Buzzed is back with an in inside look at how one small company stays afloat in the world of crime.

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Legendary or not? Pendulum

We find out about the new Legendary Don and how they achieved it.

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Weekly Stats Snapshot FlameS

Take a peak at the statistics

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This Weeks Obituaries. FlameS

To the Fallen.

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