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Editors note JJJameson

Welcome Bootleggers to another issue of your Buzz!

We got an amazing issue for you this week, because it was a week to remember. There was a lot of drama on the Game Forum regarding Afghaano and plenty of bullets were used in order to shoot several crews. Not to mention the 1,000 gold coins we gave away last week in our Buzz Contest!

We are also very happy to announce that two new writers joined our team; Forbidden and Phantom. So, what do we have for you this week?
  • The shooting of Death Valley by Pendulum
  • The story behind Afghaano by Forbidden
  • The Stock Market Update by ShyGuy
  • A Freelance Article by ragnar_lothbrok
  • A Satire article by Riot
  • The Weekly Statistics by ShyGuy

Happy Bootlegging from the team and I! Enjoy the read and have a good weekend!

NEWS: Death Valley? Pendulum

So what is the reason for the five random kills? Let us find out...

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NEWS: Big Talk off Crewed Chicken Forbidden

The story of how one player brought the community together, for the wrong reason.

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SATIRE: Latino Women over the age of 64 are still split on how they view Afghaano. Riot

With many of the Bootleggers community taking a side in the polarizing topic of Afghaano, we will take a look at one demographic that has split support for him.

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FINANCIAL: Stock Market Update JJJameson

Each week the Buzz brings you the latest financial news and some background information regarding significant movements of the stock market indexes. This week in your weekly Stock Market Update: Zero Hassle Couriers and Hewitt Law Office.

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FREELANCE: Is there a war on the horizon? ragnar_lothbrok

This reporters account of the Afghaano murders and the last 72 hours!

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CONTEST: Buzz Contest – Hide & Seek (SOLUTIONS) JJJameson

Last week the Buzz organized a contest where you were able to win a prize of 1,000 gold coins. In case you are still not behind the answer, have no fears! In this article we will briefly explain how you could have found out…

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COMIC: Weekly Comic JJJameson

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Weekly Stats Snapshot JJJameson

Take a peak at the statistics

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The Weeks Obituaries JJJameson

To The Fallen

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