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Welcome Bootleggers to another issue of your Buzz!

Caaaaasssshhhiinngggg!!! What a week! We saw the first Russian roulettes of our Moderators and we had a lottery jackpot of over 400 million cash (gold excluded). There was not only a lot of gold in the air this week, but also bullets! We also saw several crews being shot, so we at The Buzz certainly did not get bored. So, what do we have for you this week?
  • EXCLUSIVE: Statement From the Staff by FlameS
  • INTERESTING: Alliance Mentality - What is it and does it still exist by Phantom
  • NEWS: Lotto Madness by Pendulum
  • NEWS: When Friends becomes Foes - Most Wanted vs The Liberated Family by Phantom
  • FINANCIAL: Stock Market Update by ShyGuy
  • STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings by ShyGuy
  • NEWS: Out of Order! by Pendulum
  • SATIRE by Riot
  • The Weekly Statistics by ShyGuy

Happy Bootlegging from the team and I! Enjoy the read and have a good weekend!

EXCLUSIVE: Statement From the Staff FlameS

This article seeks to give some visibility of what the team have been doing, this could become a weekly thing, so please leave some feedback as to whether you liked it.

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INTERESTING: Alliance Mentality - What is it and does it still exist? Phantom

This week I take a look at Alliance Mentality, looking at the history of alliances, investigating if Alliance Mentality still exists in round 9.75 and interviewing the community for their thoughts.

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NEWS: Lotto Madness Pendulum

The BIGGEST ever lottery jackpot Bootleggers has seen, so who was the winner?

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NEWS: When Friends becomes Foes - Most Wanted vs The Liberated Family Phantom

In this article we take a look at the on-going feud between Most Wanted and The Liberated Family. After a recent shooting in Valhalla who are presumed to be The Liberated Family by Most Wanted we wanted to have a look at what brought both of these historical crews to loggerheads.

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FINANCIAL: Stock Market Update JJJameson

CROWDFUNDING: Invest your money into this fast growing think and action tank! This week in your weekly Stock Market Update: Freedom Foundation (Nevada Stock Market).

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SATIRE: Players devastated after finding out PietroGrazia was winner of mega lottery. Riot

Local rat finds time to win mega lottery in between getting killed relentlessly.

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NEWS: Out of Order! Pendulum

On Tuesday the 5th we witnessed The Order get wiped from the statistics page after only surviving there for five days! So why did The Order get wiped without even managing to last a week?

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STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings JJJameson

The top 10-list of the current state of the Game of Thrones on Bootleggers.

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The Weeks Obituaries JJJameson

To All Fallen

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Weekly Stats Snapshot JJJameson

Take a peak at the statistics!

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