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Editors note TheAmbassador

Hello everyone! Thankfully it is that time again where we can publish another issue of the Bootleggers Buzz. I shall not lie to you all and I will put my hands up before we start and admit that not all the stories that happened throughout the last week and a half could be published. This is my own personal fault, not the teams fault. Since taking over the buzz I have been trying to alter the buzz forums and work a new angle on the buzz so that the writers feel more comfortable and we have a bit more team spirit and structure between us. Which is difficult due to everyone's personal lives. I would personally like to apologise to The Vanguard for the buzz team not getting in touch with you all after the various crew wipes you have done and the team effort you all put together to perform them. I will more than happily explain the reasoning behind it all if you wish to ask. That aside, I can happily say that even with the changes to the buzz behind the scenes we do have some great articles for you all to read!

The buzz would also like to welcome two new writers that we have which will allow us to share the workload out more and produce more articles, as remember this is all voluntary and we do not actually gain anything from producing articles or doing all the running around. Anyway, without further a do, please welcome AbonzO and also HippyPirate. The buzz looks forward to seeing these two new writers potential and we also hope that you, as the community, also enjoy their articles.

So for this weeks issue we currently have;

  • Satire: Habitual cheater by Riot.
  • Hotdogs and more hotdogs by SamSepiol.
  • Guide to shooting by AbonzO.
  • Weekly suggestions by Anonymity.
  • Life as a HDO by AbonzO.
  • Wednesday shootings by Baron.
  • Birthdays by cybae
  • Contest! By Cybae
  • Feedback article by TheAmbassador.

    We do hope you enjoy reading, any comments and ratings on the articles are always greatly appreciated as we are always looking to progress and produce better articles. Thank you and have a lovely read.

    Hotdogs! Hotdogs! Get your... Weed?!? SamSepiol

    Lookout, there's a vendor about, and it ain't hotdogs he is selling...

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    How to go from a scum with no bullets to a godfather with over 60,000 bullets in 10 days. Abonzo

    Abonzo explains how to rank to kill with this guide on ranking while getting plenty of bullets.

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    NEWS: It started with an OC, how did it end up like this? baron

    One writer down, with two other crew members with him. What did he do when he found the killer? Interview him of course!

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    Buzzin' Birthdays! cybae

    Another week has passed which means more cake has been consumed, who are these cake devouring monsters?

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    Satire: Habitual cheater forced to assume Buzz Editor position. Riot

    After the continuious turnover, the Buzz has finally found an editor worthy of the position.

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    This week's latest suggestions Anonymity

    Each week here at The Buzz we take a look at the latest suggestions within the suggestions box.

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    Life as a Help Desk Operator (HDO) Abonzo

    Ever wondered What a HDO's UI looks like or what tools they have to do there job, well wonder no longer as Abonzo walks us through being a HDO.

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    CONTEST: The Drunken Reporter cybae

    How many errors can you find to help us fix this mess?

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    Buzz Feedback TheAmbassador

    Why not help the buzz out?

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