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Editors note TheAmbassador

Dear community,

It is time to release another buzz issue. It is only a short release currently as we are very badly understaffed. We are looking for new writers in an attempt to bring the buzz back to life. Either way I am still proud that the current team have managed to produce the articles they have, even though a few articles may be older now.

In this issue we currently have the following articles:

  • The Royal Family by AbonzO.
  • Behind the writer by Baron.
  • SATIRE: 234 arrested by Riot.
  • We are Legion by AbonzO.
  • Update from staff by FlameS.
  • Return of alliance by AbonzO.
  • Buzz by TheAmbassador.
  • Bans? By Anonymity

    We at the buzz are always looking for feedback and greatly appreicate all feedback. Either way, I hope you enjoy the buzz and stay tuned until next time! Have a lovely week ahead.

    The Royal Family leave none alive Abonzo

    At the start of this week we saw The Royal Family take out Project Mayhem. What is really going on here, why did they shoot?

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    Return of alliance game play, Opinion Piece by Abonzo Abonzo

    It's the return of the, oh wait, no way, you're kidding, he didn't just say what i think he did, did he? and DR bonz says.

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    Update From the Staff FlameS

    Here is a little update from the boys in Green....

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    Should bans be public knowledge? Anonymity

    Past and present bans, should they now be public knowledge?

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    INTERVIEW: Behind the writer baron

    This we I have a chat with our writer SamSepiol. A new name to the Buzz team this round, but not a new writer.

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    234 arrest attributed to the new "Bootleggers Go" app released 24 hours ago. Riot

    A behind the scenes look at what went wrong on something that seemed so right.

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    We Are Legion. Abonzo

    A Familiar Face, an Unfamiliar Crew, We catch up with the Buzz’s very own Aldo on to discuss his new venture.

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    Buzz! TheAmbassador

    The buzz needs you!

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