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Editors note Aldo

Hello, Good Morning and I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. Welcome to the 17th edition of the Bootleggers Buzz for round 9.75!

This seems like a little bit of a recurring theme but we are missing an obvious article this week due to some last minute internal issues within the Buzz. Unfortunately this week we haven’t covered the Dei Medici and The Nights watch war. However, this article has been started and will be featured next week. Apologies again.

We do have a very interesting week lined up for the community, however. The main spectacle of the issue being the first ever recorded live interview with KyleKroff on episode 4 of The Speak Easy which I definitely recommend you to check out as it covers a lot of things and gives us a very interesting insight into the game, with some exclusives regarding the crew overhaul and the direction crimes will be going in. Following up from these exclusives, I’m being told that Flames will be joining us as a special guest next week to give us a full article explaining the crew overhaul in depth.

Baron gives us a look into the insiding of Death Valley by Event Horizon. SamSepiol provides two articles this week, one regarding the infamous Russian Roulette game and also a short interview with KyleKroff regarding the recent outage we had. Coastie continues the weekly edition of Behind The Name. Nazgul gives us an interview with the users who have had birthdays this week, if you have a birthday coming up I’d definitely check out the article. Finally, Riot brings back his weekly satire article, which is honestly my favourite part of the Buzz.

This week's articles include:

    - The Speak Easy Episode 4 FT KyleKroff By Aldo
    - NEW: You can always see a Horizon, even from the depths of a Valley. By Baron
    - Monday Morning Outage. By SamSepiol
    - Behind the Name: Mirbiggs. By Coastie
    - Roulette, Of The Russian Kind. by SamSepiol
    - Birthday Cakes. by Nazgul
    - Crew starting to get impatient after the fourth straight day on stats without being wiped. By Riot

I hope you all enjoy this week’s edition of the Bootleggers Buzz and we hope to see you next week to catch up on some of the articles we were unable to produce this week. Have a good day!

The Speak Easy Episode 4 FT KyleKroff Aldo

I'm excited to bring to you the first ever live recorded interview with KyleKroff. In this weeks episode, we talk about the direction of the game and talk about a few exclusive updates that we can expect to see in the game in the future. I urge you to check it out!

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NEW: You can always see a Horizon, even from the depths of a Valley baron

After Death Valley came out of the shadows as an UG crew, it didn't take long for their enemies to peek out of their own shadows.

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Monday Morning Outage SamSepiol

Monday's short outage, what caused it and what's involved.

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Behind the Name: Mirbiggs iCoastie

New player? UG Shooter? Future Crewboss? Maybe it's Ben? Possible Highroller? Take a look and decide for yourself this week as we get to know Mirbiggs just a little more!

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Roulette, Of The Russian Kind SamSepiol

Let's take a look at this weeks Russian Roulette!

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Birthday Cakes Nazgul

Cakes, cakes and more cakes.

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Crew starting to get impatient after fourth straight day on stats without being wiped. Riot

Total Carnage had spent some time trying to get on the stats that they forgot why they even wanted to be there in the first place.

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Obituaries Aldo

RIP to this weeks fallen.

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