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Editors note JJJameson

Welcome Bootleggers to another issue of your Buzz!

Spring Break has arrived and the Bootleggers Buzz has the exclusive information, just for you! It looks like an amazing contest is coming up next week and we will definitely keep you posted next week! Enough for next week though, let's have a look at the content of this week's Bootleggers Buzz:
  • EXCLUSIVE: Spring Break by FlameS
  • CREWS: Behind the Crew by EyWish
  • POLL: Favourite Player of all time by Breeze
  • INTERVIEW: Behind the Name by Breeze
  • OFF TOPIC FORUM: Three Word Story by Forbidden
  • HISTORY: Bootleggers - Back to the Original? by ShyGuy
  • The Weekly Statistics by ShyGuy

Happy Bootlegging from the team and I and have a good weekend!

EXCLUSIVE: Spring Break FlameS

Spring Break has arrived and the train is leaving to Florida...

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CREWS: Behind the Crew; The Mikaelsons EyWiSh

We have Behind The Name, and we use to have Behind The Crew, so welcome back 'Behind The Crew' with our first chosen, The Mikaelsons.

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HISTORY: Bootleggers - Back to the Original? JJJameson

Every week we take a look at an article that has been published in the Buzz. This week an article that was published on 7 March 2010 by a player called ''Mika''.

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POLL: Favourite Player of all time Breeze

168 votes were counted this week with 104 different people recorded find out the results now!

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INTERVIEW: Behind the Name Breeze

There is so many players on bootleggers i thought we should take the time to get to know some a little better!

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OFF TOPIC FORUM: Three word story Forbidden

What magnificent, exraordinary, bizarre story has the forum conjured up.

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The Weeks Obituaries JJJameson

To All Fallen

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Weekly Stats Snapshot JJJameson

Take a peak at the statistics!

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