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Editors note TheAmbassador

Hello everyone and welcome to another Bootleggers Buzz.

We have a couple of interesting articles for you this week, although with the smaller team within the buzz we are trying our hardest to keep the news coming.

In this weeks buzz we have the following articles for your enjoyment:

The Fraudster - TheAmbassador
Buzz Down - TheAmbassador
The Sacred Empire - AbonzO
The Vanguard Shootings - TheAmbassador
Weekly Fallen - TheAmbassador
Satire! - Riot

We hope that you enjoy the buzz and all feedback on articles is greatly appreciated.

The Vanguard Strike Again! TheAmbassador

With a total so far of seven gangs and one crew wiped. When will they let the citizens of America walk the streets in peace?

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Buzz Down! TheAmbassador

Buzz needs urgent help.

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Victory for The Sacred Empire? Abonzo

This week we saw members from Victory and her Mother spot The Sacred Empire Shoot at The 23rd Gunslingers.

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The Fraudster TheAmbassador

We find out that one of the staff members is a fraudster, but who is it?

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R.I.P. TheAmbassador

This weeks fallen players.

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Satire: Mobster struggles to adapt after fireworks fun goes terribly wrong Riot

Find out what happens when you try and get more money but only end up with more problems.

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