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Editors note FlameS

Welcome to the second issue of the Bootleggers Buzz for round 8. The very first change you will notice is that this issue is being published by a new editor. In the wake of ShyGuys exit I have taken up the position. I realise that these are very big boots to fill, but I am confident that the quality of the Buzz will remain the same, predominantly down to the excellent and well-motivated team I currently have the pleasure of directing. I will take this opportunity to introduce myself to you; last round I was the co-editor with ShyGuy so I do have some experience with the position. I am also a former HDO that unfortunately had to leave both positions due to ill health. I came back to the game about 3 months before the end of round seven, and plan to settle back into adding to this great community once again.

With that out of the way let me introduce the articles the team and I have served up ready for your Sunday morning breakfast. Velodrome writes his very first Buzz article and looks at his biggest love on the game – busting, Afty provides some excellent satire in this week’s edition of his famous “Guide to” and Troglodyte gives us an article detailing the now rather confusing issue of who has shot who over which Bullet Factory. ShyGuy lets me interview him on his decision to step down from his positions and the drivers that lead him to hand back his yellow jacket. Finally I write a piece on the Elite Guards decision to use a new method for filling vacant HDO positions instead of the more traditional “Headhunting” tactic.

I really hope you enjoy the issue, your feedback is encouraged on every article. And I highly advise you to check out this weeks “Once Upon A Time”, it seems The Sacred Empire are cursed this time of year.

Afty's Occasional Guide To Afty

Back once again (with the ill behaviour)! This week Afty's Occasional Guide To looks at 'Apologising when your account is hacked'. Have you had this problem yourself or seen someone in a similar situation? Then this is the guide for you!

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COLUMN: A Battle for Victory Troglodyte

Victory have a lot of work to do in order to live up to their name, as they battle for control of two Bullet Factories with another seemingly unknown crew, Dutch Inc. Is there more to this war than meets the eye?

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A Busters Paradise Velodrome

Busting, is it a pointless endeavor? is it simply just another button to click? or is it the best feature we currently have on this great game?

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Once Upon A TIme FlameS

We take a look back at the news featured this time in previous years

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The Weekly Flash FlameS

For a quick dose of news, check out the Flash.

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The Buzz Team FlameS

Buzz Editor:

Buzz Writers:

ShyGuy Exit Interview FlameS

A farewell to a wonderful guy, who although was Shy in name was not in his interview…

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HDO Recruitment FlameS

"Headhunting" or mass recruitment – less time and effort, but can we expect a lesser calibre of HDO?

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Obituaries FlameS

A list of deaths this week

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Game Statistics FlameS

A snapshot of the game.

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