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Editors note FlameS

Hello everyone and welcome to the twelfth issue and World Cup Edition of the Bootleggers Buzz!
What a wonderfully exciting and confusing week it's been for our community! As the World Cup is winding down, players are gearing up and starting to let those bullets fly! A couple hours before Argentina beat the Netherlands, we witnessed five players put a revolver to their head and blow their names into the Graveyard participating in Mika's Russian Roulette that left FearTheSuit standing alone; In the days off after the Semi-Finals, TayZ and Evisu joined the others on the states page as the newest State Dons of Michigan and New Jersey, respectively, and Friction took down Gustin Gang, again, for the second time in six weeks; Lastly, also before the third place match, Bridget shot brightstar and fixxer that caused strange things to occur which quickly progressed from confusing to whatever the epitome of confusion may be.

As you can see, we have a skeleton crew that really stepped up to bring you another great issue guaranteed to entertain, as Afty picks his fantasy team that no one could argue; and ReJestration brings you a look at the betray feature of our newer Booze OCs; Joke is back with jokes he thinks are funnier than last week's, the Crew of the Week, and what he could understand to be the reasons behind Bridget shooting and Dutch Inc.'s crew structure being posted to the Game Forum; and I've written a beautiful piece about the Gustin Gang wipe. Saving the best for last, Alexander and Otaku both submitted freelance articles this week that are very interesting reads, and Ray completes it with his comic!

It's A Party Up In Here! Joke

Lightning Strikes Twice For Gustin Gang FlameS

Gustin Gang Wiped By Friction - and are The Family here?

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The Art of Betraying! ReJestration

"Betray me once, shame on me, but you won't betray me twice as I'll have already killed you." This seems to be the recurring theme from this new feature, was this the original intention, and what are the opinions on it?

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Crew of the Week! Joke

For the second week of this featured series, we've decided to visit the family in the second spot on the stats page, and one of the crews that has been around longer than most, Event Horizon!

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Quote of the Week Afty

Here is a quick quote from this week. It occurred during Mika's Russian Roulette when someone wasn't quite sure what they were getting themselves into.

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Joke's Weekly Jokes Joke

This week I've tried a little harder to assemble some jokes for you guys which I think may be funnier in hopes of giving you guys a giggle or two... No guarantees, though.

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Once Upon A Time FlameS

A nostalgic travel back through time using the Buzz

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Team of the Tournament Afty

Here is a special article for this World Cup Edition of the Buzz. I have picked my team of the tournament. What do you think of it? Who would be in your team?

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The World Cup Joke

As the final match is in less than twelve hours from our publication, we've taken a poll and recapped how Bootleggers has involved the events in Brazil into our lives here...

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Advertisement Afty

The Syndicate Continues to Confound Joke

Look up the definition of "Confusing," "Bemusing" or "Perplexing" in the dictionary, and then proceed to throw those outdated dictionaries out the window!

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Obituaries Joke

Let's have a moment of silence for all who died this week...

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Game Statistics FlameS

A look at the weeks statistics

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B-Caboose-R Joke

The Weekly Flash Joke

You don't want to read all the articles? You only want to read a small overview of what happened this week? We give you, The Weekly Flash! Here are this week's main stories:

  • Mika held the second game of Russian Roulette and awarded 2,400 gold coins to FearTheSuit for winning. Unfortunately for SlowYaRoll, Revolt, yaraZ, Holliday and TiMMy, who all bravely blew their brains out.

  • Friction shot and wiped Gustin Gang for the second time this round just six weeks since the last time! FlameS has more above.

  • Bridget killed fixxer and brightstar. In a quite puzzling result, the crew structure of Dutch Inc. ended up on the game forum. Joke has written what he could for this.

  • TayZ becomes the fifth State Don and chooses Michigan, Evisu followed shortly after and took #6 in New Jersey. Ascension, Tyn and Zey are in prime position as the remaining Legendary Dons to take the next three spots, but who will take that last?!

  • The Buzz presents "The Bootleggers Organized Crime Book Of Records!"
    The highest vault anyone saw from a 1 car OC this week was: [ocstats:1car:highest
    The average vault of all 1 car OCs this week came up to a whopping grand total of: $254,228
    The poor players who stole the least from a 1 car OC this week got away with: $45,192

    The most any team of stole in a 2 car OC this week was: [ocstats:2car:highest
    The average vault for 2 car OCs this week was: No data
    The lowest vault for 2 car OCs this week was: No data
    (probably a bunch of scums, since everyone knows higher ranks are awesome)

    The many total stolen in very OCs this week came up to a much: $291,344,854 wow!

    The average vault for the state where movies are made was: $289,730
    The average vault for the incredibly beautiful state where Joke, Pdogg, SarahSilverman and RiotBoy all live was: $300,037
    The average vault for the state of boring state of Michigan was: $221,779
    The average vault for the state of Honest Abe was: $134,602
    The average vault for the state where Mardi Gras is famously celebrated was: $312,777
    The average vault for the state where the Declaration of Independence was signed was: $295,669
    The average vault for the state in which you'd find Las Vegas was only: $226,740
    The average vault for the state of New New York (Futurama reference) was:$296,904
    The average vault for the state where they filmed the Jersey Shore series was: $277,675

    And Caboose would like to casually mention he stole $139,223 from the Illinois state bank with JohnDillinger, TuckersGhost and PinksterV2 and successfully got away while driving a Chevrolet!

C'mon, You Know You Want To!!! Joke

Last Week's Word Cloud Joke

It was suggested to the Buzz by Fuckle that we should do something along somewhat related lines to this word cloud. This is a culmination of every word in last week's issue of The Bootleggers Buzz, and the larger the size of the word, the more often it was used. I found it interesting that "game" came up as frequently as it did... I gave this a try and we may keep it up, or dink around and find something else to serve this purpose depending on any feedback or suggestions you're welcome to provide us! Regardless, we liked his idea and found it quite creative, thanks Fuckle!

The Buzz Team Joke

Buzz Editors

Buzz Writers

Freelance Articles Joke

Bootleggershhhh...... Otaku

Welcome to Bootleggershhhh, the online mafia game where the omertá is not just limited to you and your crew, but any bad words or criticism towards the mods is also punished severely! At least, that is what bootleggers may just have become, after last week's update. With the first bans regarding this new rule already having been dashed out, let's talk about it in this opinion article that may well end up getting me silenced, too...

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Weird Shooter, Caboose Corrupted! AlexanderV2

Alexander talks about his death and the odd events that unfolded afterwards.

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Ray's Comic of the Week RatFaceRay_

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