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Hello Everyone, Happy Fourth of July, Good Morning and Welcome to the Eleventh Issue of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Could this slow, quiet week be the calm before the storm for Bootleggers? Well, as everyone continues peacefully climbing the ranks and watching the World Cup, the Buzz team has been busy! As you can see, we've added two new writers to our team, ReJestration and SweenyTodd, and they've helped to bring you quite a packed issue with their articles about thanking those that bust you, Santiago's new-hire interview, and a new series following the weekly updates. Afty is back again to bring you one truly enormous discovery about gambling with gold you purchase. He also decided to have a little giveaway out of the kindness if his heart, so win a prize by participating in his Most Wanted Contest!

As you may have also noticed, our writer Joke, is now our Co-Editor, and as such, he would like to remind you that you do not need to send him a message every time your Organized Crime pays out terribly low; his newly-appointed super powers make him aware of how much you were going to steal long before you even decided to choose the Illinois State Bank to rob. Also, just in case you have ever asked him for any jokes, he's chosen to provide them here, so feel free to scroll down and maybe have a giggle!

Although we may have a bigger issue this week, we are still looking for writers to join our team! If you enjoy writing, if you're nosy and can't ever wait to get the answers behind the action guaranteed to come soon, if you like talking to the wonderful people who play this great game with us, or if you're bored and would rather be busy providing a very appreciated benefit to the community, please consider joining our team and send in an application at the bottom of this page!

We are, in fact, aware only 20% of the players actually live in the United States, but as this game is based in the country that just celebrated it's Independence Day, we've decided to dedicate this issue to commemorate that, so again, Happy Fourth of July, enjoy those fireworks, and enjoy this wonderful issue!

Afty Investigates Afty

It's time to investigate why people who gamble with gold they purchase always lose - at least, that is the claim from one member of the community. Check out my thorough investigation into the subject.

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Thanks for the Bust! ReJestration

After some time sitting around, thinking about life and it's challenges, I considered a question; How often are busters thanked by those that they bust?

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First Day at Work ReJestration

Everyone is nervous on their first day at work, so it is always a relief if someone is in the same boat as you. Here I get to know my new friend, colleague and fellow "first-dayer", SweeneyTodd aka Santiago.

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Massive Team Looking to Expand! Joke

Credit to ShyGuy

Obituaries Joke

A list of our fallen comrades...

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Game Statistics Joke

A snap shot of the statistics this week...

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The Buzz Wants You! Joke

Most Wanted Competition Afty

As it's the 4th of July special for the Buzz I'm doing a little competition/giveaway to celebrate. All of the details are inside. Hopefully everyone enjoys this!

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Updates Galore SweeneyTodd

To start off this series.. We'll look back at the last week of updates. This will include changes to organised crimes, hitlisting and more..

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Caboose is in Fact NOT a Train Joke

A little more in-depth interview and questionnaire with our Moderator (Developer)

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Joke's Weekly Jokes Joke


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Behind the Name Joke

Each week we have a discussion with a few random players to help everyone get to know them a little more! The victims this week: Claartje, Spartacus and Tyn!

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The Weekly Flash Joke

You don't want to read all the articles? You only want to read a small overview of what happened this week? We give to you, The Weekly Flash! Here are this week's main stories:

  • The Commission loses their crew spot!
    The Commission loses influence and is dropped down to a gang

  • Caboose fixes four bugs including profile OC timers correctly showing if your last OC was a booze run, timer bar now syncs with Gym timer for Crew-owned gyms, players no longer receive "Levels of nothing" as a reward for promotion, and Crew Bosses can now use Crew funds to pay for hitlists. SweenyTodd covers these more in depth in the Updates Galore article above.

  • The Buzz presents "The Bootleggers Organized Crime Book Of Records!"
    That's right! Each week we will update you with the highest/lowest/average Organized Crime vault!





The Buzz Team Joke

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Comic for 7/06/2014 RatFaceRay_

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Happy Fourth of July! Joke

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