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Editors note FlameS

Welcome to issue #6 of the Bootleggers Buzz

This week, yours truly has been away on holiday and following my late night return last night I have woken to publish this issue with no idea on the weeks proceedings. This has actually given me quite a lot of joy, I have read through all of the articles before publishing as always, however today has been the first time that I didn't know what I would be reading, and it was fabulous. I really do take my hat off to the current team who give up their spare time to bring you the news each week. Through the eyes of someone out of the loop this week, the stories available really do let me feel like I am part of the action.

The big news stories this week include the changing of colours for several players, 4 new HDOs and one new Moderator (Developer). Joke covers the former and Illinois covers the latter. Joke also brings us the story of Plax's death (sorry for the delay). Afty writes another wonderful column in his FAQ series and Constans serves up two articles; one news based and a column regarding psychology, both well worth a read. And finally; Joke finishes off his hatrick by writing an article about our illustrious leader BSF2000

I do hope you enjoy this weeks issue, and please as always leave as much feedback as possible.

And lastly, we are currently looking at recruiting one new member to the Buzz team, if you are interested please contact one of the team.

Happy Bootlegging.

A shiny, new green jacket Illinois

A quick chat with our new Moderator and developer

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Afty's FAQ Afty

After seeing a discussing in the Game Forum relating to gambling addiction I decided to write an FAQ on how we can stop throwing away our hard earned cash for the chance to make it big.

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The Man of Mystery Joke

An in depth look at BSF200 everything he represents to each of us.

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Psychology, perception and performance! Constans

A look back at Round 7, theories of where it may of gone both wrong and right, and what might change in this!

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Obituaries FlameS

A list of this weeks kills

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Our First Respectable Don is Taken Down Joke

We witness the death of our beloved frontrunner this week as plax dies.

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Four Players Join the Help Desk Joke

We stand witness as three players are recruited to become the newest HDOs, and one old familiar face returns.

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A new tactic? Constans

Rumors often spread like wild-fire, and sometimes wild-fire leads to death, as it did in this case. The truth? Isn't that easy to come by!

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Once Upon A Time FlameS

Take a trip through time and explore what was happening on Bootleggers on this date in previous years

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Game Statistics FlameS

A snapshot of the games statistics

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Rays choice of the week RatFaceRay_

The Buzz Team FlameS




The Weekly Flash FlameS

You don't want to read all the articles? You only want to read a small overview of what happened this week? We give you, The Weekly Flash! Here are this week's main stories:

  • A new Moderator (Developer) joins the Elite Guard - And immediately fixes bugs!

  • The Dutch bar reaches 10,000 posts - Our writers will be looking into it's success for next week

  • Friction wipes Gustin Gang, who are back on the stats already

  • The Buzz presents ''The Bootleggers Organized Crime Book Of Records''!
    That's right! Each week we will update you with the highest/lowest/average Organized Crime vault!
    The current highest vault of a one car Organized Crime:$673,788
    The current lowest vault of a one car Organized Crime:$93,544
    The current average vault of a one car Organized Crime:$250,507

    The current highest vault of a two car Organized Crime:$551,227
    The current lowest vault of a two car Organized Crime:$443,273
    The current average vault of a two car Organized Crime:$497,250

    The total amount of stolen money, based on Organized Crimes only, is:$302,103,758
    The average vault for the state Illinois is:$199,344
    The average vault for the state Michigan is:$217,867
    The average vault for the state California i$266,867
    The average vault for the state New York is:$273,564
    The average vault for the state Colorado is:$280,214
    The average vault for the state Pennsylvania is:$268,033
    The average vault for the state Louisiana is:$307,149
    The average vault for the state Nevada is:$254,193
    The average vault for the state New Jersey is:$296,405

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