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Editors note DirtyJoke

I proudly present to you this behemoth that is the seventeenth issue of the Buzz!

Much has happened in the last week! I'd like to thank everyone involved with the actions behind the stories we've presented below as they've not only unusually provided us with enough time to gather all information for this issue by shooting on Monday, but they've (especially Toscy and Vin) provided the readers with much more information than usual, and with their help we have for you the largest issue of the round!

I'll try to keep this part brief, but we need more writers! I've now even devoted an article to attempt to persuade more of you to join the team, so be sure to check it out and consider helping us! In addition, I confess all my thoughts that can't fit here in a longer Editorial below, we report on the long anticipated revelation of a certain crew from last round that's been in the shadows so far for this one, a recap of the celebrations of last weekend, a plethora of information behind some shootings and crew wipes and then the consequent disbanding of a crew alliance. Then, we have for you a crowning of victors from a competition we held a few issues back, a couple columns, and the weeklies with a few additional ideas we'd like to release in the beta stage.

As always, the Buzz is here for and because of you. If you have any feedback at all, any suggestions or any anything else you can think of to say, please don't hesitate to voice it to us!

Thank you all, and until next week, you stay classy!

Bloody Monday, Part: One DirtyJoke

Our coverage of the events that took place early Monday afternoon...

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Enemy out of the Shadows! DirtyJoke

The underground crew makes their first appearance with a surprising new alliance to take on the new EH superpower...

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Event Horizon's 9th Year Celebration DirtyJoke

We look back at last week's grand celebration...

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Forum Quotes of the Week DirtyJoke

This may just quite possibly be the funniest collection of quotes so far!

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Al-ask-a to be mine! Jesterite

A deep love-triangle results in the death of over 15 people and the fall of Dystopian Society from the stats.

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The Buzz Talks Jesterite

Taking it's roots from "Behind the Name", here The Buzz talks with 3 members of the Bootleggers community;

JackArmy | HaeryisaFairy | cycoUG

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The Buzz Writer DirtyJoke

A look into the life and the requests for their participation in comparison to benefit they provide in order to try and encourage a larger team...

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Acronyms, Acronyms, Acronyms! DirtyJoke

Love 'em or hate 'em, they're a part of our lives here in this game that unavoidable. Whether you're new or old school, we attempt to break some of them down for you every week starting with these few.

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Obituaries DirtyJoke

Two hundred forty more bodies fill up the graveyards this week...

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The Editorial DirtyJoke

Now that in the last two weeks FlameS and I have presented who we are, we begin explaining our stance and views of the issue this week! You can't say we didn't warn you!

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Bloody Monday, Part: 2 DirtyJoke

The conclusion to the events that took place on this violent and bloody day...

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The Death of TDVA DirtyJoke

The Vanguard recognizes the time has come and amicably parts ways...

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Advertisement Renegade

Buzz's Busting Biography Bout Winners! Jesterite

The Buzz's Busting Bout winners are finally here, after a long month of waiting. Look inside to see their works and what earned them a cumulative 125 gold coins!

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Fuckle's Thoughts Fuckle

Fuckle runs out of gas before 10, but taxes his brain to the limit to bring you a whopping seven thoughts this week...

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Ideas for the Future of the Buzz DirtyJoke

We've got a few ideas we're pondering in the Buzz HQ, and here's a glimpse of some that aren't a secret! Please help us and submit anything that comes to your mind that you'd like to see as well!

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Joke's Weekly Jokes DirtyJoke

As it appears, with my new name comes an onslaught of dirty jokes. I must warn you, viewer discretion is advised!

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Game Statistics iPhantom

A Snapshot Of This Week's Statistics

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Corrections DirtyJoke

A personal apology to Caboose and a brief correction within "EH's Grand Auto Theft" article...

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Letters to the Editor DirtyJoke

Every week we'll try to post some questions we get regarding the Buzz just in case anyone else is also curious!

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Join the Team! DirtyJoke

The Weekly Flash DirtyJoke

Don't have time to read all the articles and you only want to read a small overview of what happened this week?
Well, we give to you, The Weekly Flash!
Here are this week's main stories:

  • One Hundred Eighty-eight players die in multiple shootings!
    Event Horizon and Dutch Reckoning shoot New Vegas Hustlers before getting shot by The Sacred Empire, Death Valley and Enemy of the State!

  • Enemy of the State comes out of the shadows!
    Rumors and theories prove to have been true as the ug crew steps into the limelight and takes a shot at their enemy only to return just as quickly. What will we see from them next?!

  • The Vanguard and Death Valley split!
    Differences among the council and after recent events the crews decide to part ways

The Buzz presents, "The Bootleggers Organized Crime Records of the Week!"
Here we present to you the record and average Organized Crime payouts of the week!

The Federal Reserve is reporting a major financial loss this week, with the culmination of all bank robberies totaling: $277,769,779

The most lost from any one car OC was: $999,974
While the average one car robbery only got away with: $313,041
And the least stolen at one time from a bank this week was: $170,929

However, with larger teams successfully getting away in two cars, the most stolen was: $431,808
The average two car robbery: $364,130
And the weekly lowest retorted loss from any bank from a larger team: $296,451

The average taken from the California State Bank was reported to be: $302,596
The average taken from the Colotado State Bank was reported to be: $300,777
The average taken from the Illinois State Bank was reported to be: $277,310
The average taken from the Louisiana State Bank was reported to be: $364,326
The average taken from the Michigan State Bank was reported to be: $326,034
The average taken from the Nevada State Bank was reported to be: $362,869
The average taken from the New Jersey State Bank was reported to be: $268,533
The average taken from the New York State Bank was reported to be: $310,903
The average taken from the Pennsylvania State Bank was reported to be: $311,275

The Weekly Word Cloud DirtyJoke

Look at how big "big" is...

Freelance Articles DirtyJoke

A True Fact RatFaceRay_

Caboose Critics DirtyJoke

A little rant about the people who don't consider themselves his biggest fans...

Read the entire article...

A Look Back... DirtyJoke

Altro talking about ValmonUni nearly a decade ago...
To go back in time, here are the links to the Buzz:

And speaking of Altro, if you're feeling nostalgic:

The Buzz Team DirtyJoke




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Check out the article above if your curious hey hesitant to join the team!
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