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Editors note Inks

Good evening and welcome to this week's Buzz.

So, it's all about Moderators this week, with the Elite Guard - specifically a certain Halo loving Caboose - up for flaming this week: we look at how we go forward with the accusal from many players about the "heavy handed" approach to muting and banning individual players.

This week, for me, it's all about the Christmas Spirit (mainly mulled wine, mmm) but to crews there seems to be a sense of peace and reconciliation. Is it? Or it is a calm before a very big storm?

It's a quiet affair in the Buzz this week, with no shortage of articles from our exceptional team. I hope you enjoy.
- Inks.

Toggle Your Status! Times4

A look at the new Find Player and Profile limit updates, and the new ability to toggle your Online / “Offline” Status... How does it affect you?

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Rewards Vs Ranks Cypha

Wow! I ranked. I wonder what other reward I got...Oh, 1 crate of beer.

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Competition Results - fancy some more?!! Inks

Competition Winner!

Thank you to all those who suggested the answer to the map from last week’s issue.

The first person to get last week’s competition correct was Bananamole who identified that the city (Liberty City) was from Grand Theft Auto 4 and the map showed Unique Stunt Locations.

This week’s competition is related to online user news:

Who is this Bootleggers player?

Moving forward in Bootleggers… Inks

Inks gets philosophical in her old age...

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Abusing A Bust Party Cypha

What happens when you abuse a Bust Party? Does the host ever win by abusing it?

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An Interview With The VooDooDoll Cypha

We throw a couple of random questions to VooDooDoll, and get a little bit of in-game views from the lady herself.

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Statistics! Jesterite

Numbers, names and more numbers!

If there are any more statistics that you think should be added to The Buzz, either drop Jesterite a BootMail, or message The Buzz!

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Obituaries Inks

“I intend to live forever, or die trying."
Groucho Marx

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Nordy's Imagination Station Nordy3

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