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Editors note Harrison

Welcome to Issue 36 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

This week, we present you with yet another of TehNaamloos' missions, an article covering the fall of former Nation Don FiveOh, Gale's preview of the implications behind the Community Challenge, a piece assessing the value of bust parties to the community, and a comprehensive analysis on what determines a crew's influence conducted by Nontroversy and JestObserving.


- Harrison

Over the Influence Nontroversy

While a quick look in a dictionary furnishes a definition of "influence," this week Nontroversy and JestObserving paint a vivid image of what influence implies for Bootleggers' gangs, crews, and families alike.

Read the entire article...Thursday 5AM

Party hard; get busted! TehNaamloos

Why is busting such a well used feature? Why do people enjoy frequenting the Illinois jail so often? There are so many bust parties on the Game Forum nowadays; therefore, I sought to discover the magic behind busting for this week's edition of the Bootleggers Buzz.

Read the entire article...Thursday 9AM

What the Deuce? Harrison

Former Nation Don FiveOh fell to three Most Wanted shooters; meanwhile, 25 Dutch Inc. meatshields joined him in the graveyard.

Read the entire article...Tuesday 4PM

CC: A look before. Gale

A look at the different viewpoints on the incoming Community Challenge; what may be the motive behind it? Is there one at all? It's all inside!

Read the entire article...Tuesday 6PM

Factors Involved in Calculating Influence Harrison

Image courtesy of Nontroversy

Read the entire article...Thursday 4PM

Top 5 Jokes of The Week MrFunnyMan

The inventor of throat lozenges has died...

There will be no coffin' at his funeral.

Read the entire article...Thursday 10AM

Mission: Rat Race TehNaamloos

Build a better rat-trap, and Los Lagartos will beat a path to your door!

Read the entire article...Thursday 8AM

Damage dealt to DI, despite not-being MW's 'target' Harrison

While Most Wanted claimed that today's attack was personal to FiveOh, it is clear that damage was dealt to Dutch Inc. beyond losing 25 soldiers.

Read the entire article...Tuesday 8PM

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