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Editors note BadJoke

Good evening everyone! I present to you this belated and brief eighteenth issue of the Bootleggers Buzz.

In contrast to last week, this issue is incredibly brief, but I believe that leaves the perfect spotlight for our headlining article! With his first article written for the Buzz, Caboose eloquently breaks down the reason for the mystery behind the game and what a great read it is! Fuckle furnishes his thoughts and Spine imparts upon us two brilliant articles. Our new writer to join the team, MysticW1g pointed out how fitting my name is as I tell terrible jokes, and offers to take over, and I personally think will do a much better job with it than I could! And last but not least, we revived a freelance submission from 7upr about Caboose!

As always, we need a larger team! I promise you'll have fun if you join the Buzz Team, and I'm always willing to answer all your questions, so don't hesitate to ask anyone anything!

Thank you all, and I hope you'll join me in looking forward to next week's issue!

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain Caboose

The mysteries of the inner workings of Bootleggers

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Corrupt Caboose FreeIsrael

Caboose allegedly accommodates to more than just the Elite Guard...

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Fuckle's Thoughts Fuckle

Fuckle ponders all of life's questions and answers the call for the most important and most demanded explanations of the game and its intricacies...

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Obituaries BadJoke

Rest in Peace, fallen mobsters...

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Defects and developments FreeIsrael

With scores of players complaining left and right about the countless number of bugs that we have seen since the launch of Round 8, I decided to inquire with my fellow players on the Game Forum as to their most pressing concerns of late.

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Weekly Joke Column MysticW1g

A new take on the weekly joke segment. Basically if you get to five without recoiling I would suggest you don't have a moral compass.
Let's see how we get on.

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Game Statistics FreeIsrael

A snapshot of this point in the round...

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Editorial/Letters.... BadJoke

Short but not sweet...

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Apply for the Buzz Team! BadJoke

The Weekly Flash BadJoke

Don't have time to read all the articles and you only want to read a small overview of what happened this week?
Well, we give to you, The Weekly Flash!
Here are this week's main stories:

  • The only remaining State Don dies in backfire
    Tyn shoots at a player just moments after they join a crew.

  • The Dogeleone Syndicate shoots their way back to the stats!
    7upr leads the crew back to the stats and takes out most of The Last Kings, and wipes The Commission and The Fist!

  • Dutch Inc. drops their family spot when the boss dies in backfire!
    An unimagined bug was discovered when headlessjoe dies while trying to kill another player and the spot dropped, but players soon put the crew back on the stats.

The Buzz presents, "The Bootleggers Organized Crime Records of the Week!"
Here we present to you the record and average Organized Crime payouts of the week!

The Federal Reserve is reporting a major financial loss this week, with the culmination of all bank robberies totaling: $296,275,695

The most lost from any one car OC was: $985,258
While the average one car robbery only got away with: $319,607
And the least stolen at one time from a bank this week was: $168,796

However, with larger teams successfully getting away in two cars, the most stolen was: No data
The average two car robbery: No data
And the weekly lowest retorted loss from any bank from a larger team: No data

The average taken from the California State Bank was reported to be: $310,391
The average taken from the Colotado State Bank was reported to be: $308,599
The average taken from the Illinois State Bank was reported to be: $331,714
The average taken from the Louisiana State Bank was reported to be: $355,556
The average taken from the Michigan State Bank was reported to be: $314,123
The average taken from the Nevada State Bank was reported to be: $351,943
The average taken from the New Jersey State Bank was reported to be: $281,604
The average taken from the New York State Bank was reported to be: $299,444
The average taken from the Pennsylvania State Bank was reported to be: $319,067

Word Cloud JDM

Freelance Articles BadJoke

Daring Developer Aqorz

7upr talks about Caboose and his reception and reputation within the community.

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Lair, lair pants on fire. 8| RatFaceRay_

NO! corrupt moderator?!?!?! DirtyJoke

A brief glance a decade back...

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The Buzz Team BadJoke



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