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Editors note Continuum

RubiksCube’s Reset Vote Analysis

Ayes to the left: 53
Nays to the right: 33

It seems looking at the charts that a varied number of people from different crews and crewless want the reset, whilst a larger number of the main crews would prefer not to.

Do they think that, given a fresh start, their enemies would be able to subvert their success?

This all stemming back to a previous change, however, in that people can now be UG.

Do they think this will lead to them having an advantage at an earlier stage in the round, rather than toward the end, when the round has already been, as the topic creator put it, "won by the Alliance"?

Submit your thoughts today in exchange for generous rewards! Now paying at least $1,000,000 per article (after taxes)!

It's been a busy week for our regular staff, myself included, but the beginning of this week's Buzz came through with a little help from our friends at Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc., Bubbles and Malcolm_Reynolds. Thanks for helping out, guys.

I would also like to thank Merlot, of Fortis et Liber, for his creative & investigative recap of the shooting of the infamous Pietro Grazia. Check it out today!

All the best,


Evening the Playing Field Malcolm_Reynolds

A new game feature that could possibly stop the Alliance in their tracks?

Read the entire article...Sunday 12PM

RE: Pietro Grazia fatally shot in cold blood Continuum

by Merlot
Buffalo, NY

At about 9:20PM, March 23, 1920, at 10 East Park Street, Rochester, NY. A Diner owned and operated by Jeanette Curtis of 23 East Park St, Rochester, NY, was entered by three men and upon going to the rear of the diner opened fire on Pietro Grazia, of 37 88th Street, Buffalo, NY, who at the time of the shooting was just coming from a toilet in the rear of diner. He received gun shot wounds to the body, and was removed to Buffalo City Hospital in serious condition.

Read the entire article...Sunday 4PM

Bug Bounties Bubbles

Bubbles contends that the Moderators should offer a small reward for finding bugs and bringing the problem to their attention.

Read the entire article...Sunday 11AM

Event Horizon and The Prophecy at Each Other's Throats Bubbles

Bubbles reflects on the benefits behind the recent turmoil within The Alliance in this freelance article.

Read the entire article...Saturday 7PM

Obituaries Continuum

This week, we saw the fall of the restful Hells Den -- which marked the hapless departure of everyone's dear groundskeeper RatFaceRay -- at the unforgiving hands of The Alliance.

We also saw the toppling of both The Prophecy and The Prophecy 2, who were joined by Sector Zero (times two or three now). According to cyco, TP had over 300,000 bullets at the time of their collective demise, which they were preparing to use the following morning.

Tensions are high after The Prophecy's fateful exit from The Alliance. What's going to happen next?

Read the entire article...Sunday 12PM

Character Specialties Malcolm_Reynolds

An insightful freelance submission from Malcolm_Reynolds, a new player, based on observations he's made over the past two months playing Bootleggers.

Read the entire article...Saturday 7PM

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