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Happy New Year Bootleggers.

The first issue of 2015 is short, very short. We have had little activity from the majority of the writers with it being the Christmas holidays.
We have three interviews, one with Tyn from Event Horizon, SmokeyBear, and Keish from Enemy of the State. We have an article from The Buzz's own Times5, and some statistics for you.

Also, we try and clear up the mess of the Public Apology.


Welcome Back Enemy of the State Anonymity

As crews began to fall, old familiar faces began to make a return, one familiar face to the stats page was Enemy of the State

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The Effects of Vacation Mode Times5

After accounts were banned for allegedly breaking the rules regarding Vacation mode, Players ask: Should there even be a Vacation feature?

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The Banning (and un-banning) of a Buzz Editor Times5

An uproar in the game: A Buzz Editor has been banned and then unbanned for admitting his mistake. Players cry foul. We interview Anonymity, and analyse the reaction to his public apology.

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Top 5 Jokes Of The Week DrFapMax

Hello again for the second week of the top 5 jokes from me and others in the Bootleggers community.

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Event Horizon Get Wiped, By Many Enemies... Anonymity

During the Christmas Massacre, one crew who really took some hammering to get off the stats were Event Horizon. Why was it so difficult, and why did it take so long?

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Christmas Tree 2014 Winner is... Anonymity

Sorry for the delay. The winner of the Christmas Tree 2014 goes to...

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Not a good start to the evening... Twinkly

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