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Editors note Continuum

To start off this week’s issue of the Buzz, we have in-depth coverage of the reasoning behind The Prophecy's long awaited departure from the Syndicate Alliance, an informative article by RubiksCube that takes an exclusive look inside the Elite Guard, and an editorial proposing an update to the current Crew Structure feature as a vehicle for reinvigorating gameplay in the rapidly approaching Round 9.

We were also privileged enough to bring you a warm but candid freelance article, thoughtfully submitted by Scarcio for this week’s edition.

From this day forth, all intelligible freelance submissions will earn any player $250,000 for a strong piece and $1,000,000 for something groundbreakingly insightful.
Respectfully yours,
- Continuum

In the fullness of time, Prophecy pulls out of Alliance Continuum

Event Horizon obliterated by former allies; retains connections with Dutch Inc. and The Syndicate

Read the entire article...Saturday 2AM

Welcome to the Elite Guard! RubiksCube

So fellow bootleggers, ever wanted to be a member of the Elite Guard? We here at the buzz recollect a first hand expirience as to what it's like to be a member of the notorious moderation family...

Read the entire article...Wednesday 10PM

An interesting fact from AceAdam Abii_

I thought it was worthy of a Buzz Article...

Read the entire article...Saturday 7AM

In the crew? Layers don’t apply. Outlier

Could an adjustment to the Crew Structure feature prevent the convergence of a totalitarian “Alliance" while concurrently intensifying Round 9?

Read the entire article...Tuesday 7PM

Obituaries: EH included! Continuum

...Now including our dearly departed Event Horizon, at the hands of The Prophecy. It was a long time coming. More on that soon.

Read the entire article...Friday 11PM

The uncontrollable addiction Scarcantquit

Bootleggers: it hurts and humbles. For every shooter a target. For every kill a death. But on the horizon awaits a new account, a new opportunity, a redemption for glory, for immortality.

The brave will take to the shooting range as Gangsters in crews, side-by-side, gun to face. The hunger -- the determination to eliminate enemies, to buy a car, to search, shoot, backfire, run away, witness and retaliate.

As your new account ranks, new shooters rise, new crews emerge, new shootouts rock, and new deaths are mourned as new graveyards are built. In the name of revenge, in the name of winning, in the name of Bootleggers.

The game we love, the game we live for. Every shooting, every kill, every minute and every second. The best game, our game!

Read the entire article...Tuesday 9AM

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