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Editors note RubiksCube

So, it's been an interesting week or so. We've seen Mika promoted to Administrator, many crews affirm their intentions to recruit and progress onto the new round, along with many new crews it seems that are aspiring to try their hand at becoming the best.

We've had MANY interesting thoughts on the reset and features that players would like to see, both introduced and abolished. I look forward to seeing how the new round is going to be shaped. Our very own Nontroversy takes lead this week with our "Ask the Administrators" column, giving a little insight as to what the players want and what might happen in the new round.

Here's a quick summary of what Elite Guard moderator Youn is looking forward to in the new round.

Hello! I personally am looking forward to the new round. The race to make it to the top ranks and to get the first properties and crews are always fun, and from a staff point of view it's interesting to see how our planned changes are going to work out.

Congratulations to Mika, he is putting a lot of effort into this game and plays an important part in keeping the EG running as smoothly as possible. I imagine the administrator position comes with more options in the control panel, but it feels like this is mostly of a reflection of the role he already has been playing in the team and the red color represents this.
Youn said

Have fun this week! Let us know what you'd like to see when the reset is dropped, maybe even make an article about your concerns. We are offering a $5,000,000 reward to the article that is the best written / that has had the most thought put into it. $2,500,000 for second prize and $1,000,000 for third! So get your submissions in for some gambling cash!


Ask the Administrators: a review. Nontroversy

Many asked the administrators.
Only a few asked pertinent questions.
We check it out.

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Mika Promoted! RubiksCube

Quote BSF2000: Please welcome our newest Administrator, Mika!

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The last of the Dons? RubiksCube

We've had a few promotions over the last week. Will the State / Nation Dons we have now be the last ones of the round? We shall see...

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Obituaries RubiksCube

This weeks deaths

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Thoughts on the reset... RubiksCube

Many of you have conflicting thoughts on the reset. Some are for it, some are against (this is apparent). The Game Forum has been swamped more so than usual with feature discussions and requests from players since the reset announcement. Here are some of your guys thoughts on what the reset has in store...!

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