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Editors note gumshoe_2

My fellow Bootleggers,

I am proud to announce our first Freelance Contest of Round 8.

To spice things up a bit, Issue 37 of the Bootleggers Buzz is going to be written by the community, for the community.

The player who submits the most meaningful, timely, and deep-thinking article will be rewarded handsomely: $5,000,000 for now, with as much as a $7,500,000 reward for a truly outstanding piece of writing.

The second runner up will receive $1,000,000, and the third place winner will receive $500,000.

Submissions are not limited in any way other than the broad guideline that they should relate to Bootleggers or its community in some way, shape or form. Furthermore, one's submission is NOT required to be an objective "news" piece; opinion pieces and columns are also welcomed and appreciated.

Given the limited number of entries thus far, the winner will be announced Sunday, and we will be accepting entries between now and then. Until Sunday, all entries that are submitted will be posted here. Players are encouraged to rate the articles, as community input will influence our final decision!

Good luck!

Bootleggers Buzz Correspondent

TeddyDeserve Evades Death RubiksCube

It seems that past efforts to kill the godfather TeddyDeserve were fruitless as he has been spotted again. This didn't get un-noticed by the family who put out a $50,000,000 reward to who ever whacks him first!

Submitted by: RubiksCube

Read the entire article...Thursday 10PM

Hitlist Controversy Harrison

Possibly one of the most resourceful and efficient tools used in previous rounds by many, the Hitlist feature was once used to get a hit out on a various range of people for a variety of reasons that range from car thievery to scamming.

Submitted by: DarkPwn

Read the entire article...Friday 10AM

Dutch Inc. dropped gumshoe_2

Yesterday morning, 30 members of Dutch Inc. were executed in a dire shooting spree, which ultimately resulted in their Family spot dropping and the group being reduced to a Gang.

Read the entire article...Friday 3PM

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